Waterford Landing at Richmond Hill

Waterford Landing

An Active Outdoor Community

There are many lovely homes available in Waterford Landing that offer a comfortable and quiet place to live. Waterford Landing is a residential community is located in Bryan County set against a scenic, natural setting. The community, found just north of Richmond Hill, stretches along the Jericho River, covering over 300 acres of beautiful land lined with majestic oak trees.

For more the twenty years Waterford Landing is a place residents with all the privacy and community one would expect from a moderate community, while also still providing access to the nearby Richmond Hill, which represents one of the fastest growing communities in the entire nation. Bryan County itself is known for being a diverse, vibrant area that offers opportunities to people from all different lifestyles.

With all of the lush green natural beauty surrounded by the tall and proud oaks, Waterford Landing is a rustic, heavily wooded area. It affords residents a simple and quiet life on the countryside and a temperate climate all-year-round for comfortable living. This climate and natural setting make it a wonderful place to live.

The Golf Course Transformed

There was a time not too long ago that the community was home to a golf. However, the community got together to purchase the land that the golf course was on and they now use it in a creative way to preserve the natural setting of the beautiful and brilliant residential community.

The community also transformed the golf cart paths in to something more. Now they are vibrant walking and biking trails that all residents have free access too. There are also a number of other walking trails just a few miles away as well. With acquisitions like this, a number of amenities that before were only open to people as paid members have become available for all homeowners, guests, and their families. This only adds to the value of living in the community. Now everyone is free to enjoy what the space has to offer.

Marsh Water Living

Waterford Landing is a perfect example of Georgia marsh water living which very similar to the popular marsh areas surround nearby Charleston, SC. It’s an ideal location for anyone who would much rather relax on their porch enjoying the breeze than shoveling the snow off of their driveway. Most of the homes at the community offer views of the water or marsh and the average growing season in the area lasts for ten months.

Waterfront Landing offers manners of amenities to suit all sorts of interests and lifestyles. It’s never been so easy to take advantage of the waters off the coast of Georgia. Whether you want to visit the beach or islands, take in some offshore fishing, or just sail through a coastal breeze, you’ll find everything you need at Waterford Landing. Boat enthusiasts can enjoy docking facilities, watercraft storage, and more.

Made For Recreation

The community also has a clubhouse, a wide open recreation park with a pavilion, basketball courts, a jungle gym, and a community swimming pool for all to enjoy. There’s something for the whole family to be found here. More amenities are still being planned and developed in the area too so that the community can continue to meet the needs of the modern family.

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