Victorian District

Victorian District

Savannah's Historical Neighborhood

Anchored by Forsyth Park’s lower side and located towards the south of the Landmark Historic District in Savannah, the Victorian Historic District stretches all the way from East Broad Street, located between Anderson Lane and Gwinnett Street with the Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard located towards the west.

Fans of historic architecture should definitely take a stroll through the westerly areas of the Historic District, after visiting the local Forsyth Park.

This district comprises of Dixon Park, Victorian District East, and Victorian District West. It was the first suburb in Savannah and is home to numerous historic buildings and homes from the 19th century.

Forsyth Park is located at a walkable distance from the Victorian District. You can access the former by riding on the Express Shuttle or CAT’s Route 14 or Route 4 buses. People coming in via car can easily take advantage of the free parking arrangements on the streets here that don’t have any time limits.

The initial design of this area did not have any squares that could accommodate streetcars, which were still a recent invention back then. It was the first planned suburb in Savannah. This district’s restoration began during the 60s. A decade later, the district was included in the National Register of Historic Places.

The buildings and houses in the area are mostly occupied by students and families with certain small businesses scattered here and there.

Community Restoration and Preservation

Keeping the Charm and Beauty of the Victorian District

The residents’ commitment and dedication to restoration and preservation has enabled the Victorian District to retain its charm and beauty. The Victorian Neighborhood Association was instrumental in cleaning and landscaping lawns and lots. It was even recently funded by the city to transform a vacant area into a bustling community garden, which was accomplished with the help of local residents nearby.

The Victorian District is one of the most walking-friendly neighborhoods in Savannah, thanks to the vibrant commercial and residential establishments & parks located here along with the short city block pattern. In 2011, Price Street was transformed by the city from a 2-lane road into a road with 3 lanes – one for parking, one for automobiles, and one for bikes. Lincoln Street located in this neighborhood also has a dedicated biking lane and a bikeway/pedestrian section on the perimeter of Forsyth Park. This neighborhood is easily accessible via Savannah City’s express shuttle and the 9 Chatham Area Transit bus routes, which can take you anywhere throughout the city.

Integral to the cultural and social fabric of the Victorian District since its establishment during the 19th century, Forsyth Park is a beautiful attraction spanning 30 acres, which was originally designed to be a hub for hospitality and beauty. The primary walkway has been highlighted with a stunning white foundation, which was constructed in 1859 with its restoration by community residents and the city taking place in 1988. It also houses the Fragrant Garden for the Blind, which was a project handled by the Savannah Garden Clubs. Tourists and locals frequent the park for the farmer’s markets, sports teams and clubs, recreational activities, and concerts. There are multiple monuments here paying tribute to the fallen soldiers from the Spanish-American War and the Civil War as well.


Savannah’s tourism industry is quite dependent on this neighborhood. Around 13 million people, both recreational and business travelers, visit Savannah every year with a vast majority of them visiting the Victorian Historic District to admire and explore Forsyth Park and the architecture of the homes and buildings in the neighborhood.

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