Have you been looking to have fun in Savannah during the summer? Do you want to beat the heat and have a fabulous time in Savannah? If you said yes to both these questions, keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.

Here is all that you can do in Savannah and have an amazing summer:

Musicians playing in the street in Savannah GA

American Prohibition Museums

The American Prohibition Museum is the first and the only one in the USA which is especially devoted to preserving the historical facts related to prohibition. It can be found in the heart of Savannah’s most famous City Market. The one thing that sets this museum apart from the rest is that it highlights the era of gangsters, rum runners, and flappers. The museum brings back the memories of the tremendous 20s. It is also quite famous for having an authentic speakeasy.

Trolley Tour

Ice Cream Shop in Savannah GA

If you are into taking a tour around the city you are visiting, you would certainly love the Trolley Tour around the Old City. It is one attraction that has kept tourists hooked for more than 30 years now and is one of the key highlights of being in Savannah. The best part about a Trolley Tour is the fresh air breeze that will keep you cool. You do not even have to worry about parking your car. You would be amused by the guides that would not let you have a dry moment.

Telfair Museums

If you are looking to spend an entire day at one place in Savannah then you should consider exploring the Telfair Museum. This tourist attraction is not one but 3 in 1 that is found in the notable area of the city. The three different museums include the Telfair Museums of Arts, the Owens-Thomas House, and the Jepson Center for the Arts. To sum it up, it is a nice place for people who are into arts and historical memoirs. You would also have a great time there if you are into appreciating art and spending time at a museum. You would be blown away to know that there are more than 4,500 works of art at the Telfair Museums from across the USA and the world over.

Sorrel-Weed Houses

If you are into discovering ghostly and spooky places then you should visit the Sorrel-Weed Houses in Savannah. It was made in 1840 and stands as a state beacon today. You would love the Greek revival building of this house as it is the oldest in the city that can be seen and visited by tourists.

Georgia State Railroad Museums

Georgia State Railroad Museums steam train

This is a great place for both kids and adults to enjoy. It is the oldest and the largest existing 19th-century railroad operations complex in the nation. There is a show that keeps the museum full of tourists during the season. There are steam locomotives, a rail car, steam-powered machines, model railroads and much more there.

Congress Street Up

During the American Prohibition, cocktail culture was born. It was around this time that alcohol was used as a powerful substance and the concept of barkeepers was fast gaining popularity. This was happening to make alcohol tastier. In this regard, the American Prohibition Museum’s speakeasy started these mixed drink classes at Congress Street Up.

This will certainly be way different from the rest of the touristy things that you would want to do in the city. So, if you are up for something unique and different then you should go for it. You would be amazed to learn to make drinks from certified barkeepers and not just anyone. The highlight of these classes is that you will also get to learn the insights of each drink and what significance it holds.

Brewery Tours

beer tour in savannah ga

If you are specifically looking for things to do during the summertime, you need to book a Brewery Tours. The city serves as a place for a lot of cool beer pubs. The main highlight of these Brewery Tours is that you get to taste cold beers from each of the breweries. How cool is that? Summer has never felt so much fun before. If you want to make the most of these Brewery Tours then you should plan your tour accordingly. You can start the tour by making a pit stop at the Southbound Brewing Company which has been there since 2013. After having a cold beer there, you can then go to the Moon River Brewing to have the craft beer. You need to have a place for the yummy house bites to compliment the famous beer. You can also go around trying different beer samples from around the local neighborhood breweries.

Ice Cream and Sweets Tour

Another thing you can do during summer is to make the most of the city’s summer sweets and delights. You cannot say no to Tutti Frutti from Leopold’s Ice Cream. After all, it is listed in the Top 10 ice-cream parlors in the world for a reason. You can also go around the city and try out the famous soda fountains. There are so many choices for summer sweets especially that you can enjoy based on your preferences. So, even if you are not into ice creams or sodas, you can try out something else and feel cool during summertime in the city. If you are a popsicle fan then you should consider going to the Savannah Square Pops.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar

The Jazz’d Tapas Bar is another popular option that you can explore. It is also located in the historic district in Savannah. It is not just your ordinary next-door restaurant. Visitors have reviewed the place as swank and sexy. So, you need to try it out for yourself to see what the hype is all about. If you like trying different wines then this place is for you.

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