Just a Short Drive from Savannah's City Center

Thunderbolt is just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Savannah, yet this scenic town feels like a whole other world. The Wilmington River separates Thunderbolt from the lovely Wilmington Island and comes with remarkable sights of the wildlife-filled marshlands surrounding the waterway. For individuals looking for shaded residential properties can contact Thunderbolt agencies who will help find the ones that are close to the lively shopping districts of the area.

Despite having a peculiar name, Thunderbolt is a great community that houses its fair share of Georgia natives, including a lot of new homeowners. Even though the median income of the town is only a little bit higher as compared to the neighboring Savannah, it is still somewhat near the statewide average and comes with an impressively low cost of living. On average, the price of a house in Thunderbolt is under $150,000, even though a lot of the residents of the community have jobs in middle-class occupations such as construction, high-tech manufacturing, and education. The academic achievements of several residents of Thunderbolt are similar to that of Georgians in general; however, a lot of the locals are registered at the higher education institutions nearby.

Thunderbolt is conveniently located between the Sea Islands and Savannah. The hardworking residents of this town with its attractive properties make it the ideal living location that’s recommended by all stripes of real estate agents.

A Wonderful Place for Thunderbolt Real Estate Agents

Even though this town does not have a busy nightlife, it still attracts different types of people who reside there. The realtors of Thunderbolt would boast about the thriving shrimp industry of the area, which is an exceptional sector of its economy and its part of the town’s remarkable cuisine. Local residents enjoy a plate of grits and shrimp on Saturday morning before they are off to the bustling shopping district that is located close to the intersection of Skidaway and Victory.

Even though numerous boutiques and fine restaurants are located within the town limits, people can easily travel to downtown Savannah using the Truman Parkway. It will take just 10 minutes to drive back to Thunderbolt after a night out on the town or visiting the Savannah Theater. Also, it’s a short ride in the other direction where the white sandy beaches of Tybee Island and the lush green estuaries of Wilmington Island are located. Homeowners who are looking to have a little piece of each town close by, the Thunderbolt real estate agencies can find several attractive, yet affordable, properties for them.

Thunderbolt, GA: Affordable And Aesthetic-Looking Real Estate for Everyone

Despite being quieter as compared to its lively neighboring towns, Thunderbolt’s real estate is anything but boring. The northern half of the town consists of gorgeous, well-maintained bungalows plus ranch houses that the realtors of Thunderbolt love to show to potential homebuyers. Moreover, close to the Wilmington River, there are stately manses that mingle with shaded green spaces. Local buyers who aren’t looking for homes with garages or yards will find the smart-looking condos communities at Victory Drive perfect for them.
On the south side of Victory, the Thunderbolt agencies manage a group of family-friendly and attractive neighborhoods that are close to the local schools and the water features. According to the real estate agents of Thunderbolt, a lot of the homeowners in that area have been living there for a long time and have strong connections with the local community.
There are several move-in-ready homes available at great prices, making it easy to find deals when it comes to Thunderbolt GA real estate. Get in touch with experienced Thunderbolt realtors who are well-versed in the area’s real estate to get more information about the place.

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