Thomas Square Streetcar District

Thomas Square Streetcar District

The Heart of Savannah

Widely considered to be one of Georgia’s most beloved districts, the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District in Savannah has numerous 19th-century homes built in the Craftsman and Queen Anne Victorian architectural styles.

There are many local businesses located here, with newer places being launched all the time.

Home to multiple coffee shops, a brewery, a food truck park, gastropubs, art galleries, designers, vintage shops, antique stores, bakeries, and high-end restaurants, tourists from all parts of the globe come to visit the Hostess City of the South to experience the local lifestyle at its finest. The Starland District is located right in the center of Thomas Square, a location that was previously home to Starland Dairy.

The African Art Museum is also a prime attraction, displaying historic ceremonial antiques and sculptures in a 20th-century house.

History of the Streetcar District

The Thomas Square District owes its name to the Thomas Square Park, a major attraction located near the district’s geographical center and the ubiquitous streetcar lines, which played a significant role in this southern suburb’s development. It was officially designated as a National Historic District back in 1997.

The Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District has several historic intact communities, commercial and residential buildings located near a neighborhood northwest of the Chatham Crescent Historic District/Ardsley Park and south of Savannah Victorian Historic District. General Oglethorpe originally designated the entire area for ‘farm lots’ in his city plan in 1733. During the 18th and 19th centuries, this area housed multiple cotton farms, which also included the Drouillard Plantation.

After experiencing years of slowdown, Thomas Square happens to be currently undergoing a period of revitalization right now. In March 2005, the area was issued a zoning classification, granting it demolition protection and design review. Thanks to this crucial legal protection, the district’s beauty will continue to be preserved and protected despite the rising neighborhood population.

What Can You Do Here?

Places to Eat

The Thomas Square Streetcar neighborhood is home to several high-end restaurants, from the delicious burgers available at Green Truck Pub to the Elizabeth, a renowned local fine dining restaurant. The Back in the Day Bakery is an excellent hangout for those who crave sweets. While you’ll be hard-pressed to make your mind about your order here, the banana pudding, star brownies, and cupcakes here are the favorite dishes of the local population.

 Where To Have Fun?

The Historic District houses the city’s most popular bars. However, the Wormhole located in the neighborhood happens to be a great place to enjoy live music and cheap beer as well. Due to the diverse range of entertainers who’ve performed on this stage, the Wormhole is popularly considered to be a variety club. Go through the Wormhole’s official website to check who’s playing on stage during your tour of this town.

 Where to Shop?

While you’ll find many stores and galleries in the Thomas Square Streetcar neighborhood, the antique shops in this area are where you’ll find the best bang for your buck. The Habersham Antiques Market is a place where you can easily spend an entire afternoon, going through rooms full of antiques offered by 70+ dealers in an antique store, which used to be a grocery store in the early 1900s.

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