The city of Savannah, Georgia, has an exciting and interesting history to it. There are many beautiful public parks, buildings, and neighborhoods to see. When you go to search for your next home in Savannah, it will be easy to find one in a great neighborhood. In fact, there are so many great neighborhoods that you won’t know which one to choose for your next home purchase. If you start to feel overwhelmed by all your choices, then take some time to learn more about them first.

We’ve already done most of the research for you. Below are the top 10 neighborhoods to live in Savannah, Georgia.

Dutch Island

Dutch Island is the perfect island getaway to escape the busy streets of Savannah. A short car ride will bring you to the island from the city. It is a gated community with 500 acres of beautiful landscape and roughly 480 residential houses. The scenery around the island consists of the vast saltwater marsh and the intercoastal waterway.

Many retirees love to settle down in Dutch Island because it is a small picturesque community where everyone gets to know everyone else. There is even a Homeowner’s Association on Dutch Island which oversees the community. That way, residents can just relax without having to worry about performing too many property ownership duties themselves.

Check out the residential properties on Dutch Island. You may find your dream home.

Victorian District

Victorian District is located to the south of the Historic District of Savannah. The housing is kind of on the expensive side, but you’ll found gorgeous Victorian-style houses there. If you have children, then you can take them to Forsyth Park and check out the fountain and farmers market.

If you want to know more about African American cultural history, then visit King-Tisdell Cottage. Couples can date at the lavish 700 Drayton, while families can chow down on barbecue meals at the awesome Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina.

Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park is the first neighborhood to be formed in Savannah. Victory Drive is to the north of the park. Many of the homes that you’ll find here are about 80 to 90 years old. Even though Savannah is a big city, Ardsley Park is more secluded and away from all the noise and traffic. That is good news for anyone who values peace and quiet.

If you’re planning to start a family, then Ardsley Park is a good place to raise your children. You’ll find plenty of huge mansions and creatively designed bungalows that can accommodate large families. The residential location is rather quiet, so you can find plenty of areas which are friendly to pedestrians. It is perfectly safe for children to walk to school and adults to walk to the local store without any problems.


Pooler is within the same metropolitan area as Savannah, even though it is not actually in the city itself. Pooler is a thriving suburban community that is peaceful and located within the gorgeous woodlands of the state. You’ll have easy access to several different amazing restaurants, stores, and schools. The city center is about a 30-minute drive away too.

Do you do a lot of traveling? If so, then that is one more reason to purchase a home in Pooler because it is very close to the airport. This community may not have historic homes like the other communities mentioned, but that is great news for people who want a modernized home that is conveniently located and comes with lots of amenities.

Thomas Square Streetcar District

Do you love the arts? Thomas Square Streetcar District is a fascinating place to live for anyone who appreciates cultural music and artwork. The district contains many famous art galleries, music venues, and thriving restaurants.

You’ll find new homes and historic homes in this district, so choose whichever one you prefer. No matter what, you’ll be centrally located in areas where a lot of younger people live.

Isle of Hope

The Isle of Hope is a small island like no other. It contains so many beautiful mansions that were built in the 1800s and 1900s. You’ll find them next to picturesque waterways and quiet country roads. The selection of homes on the island doesn’t just include mansions, though. There are also smaller homes available for people who are on a budget.

The best thing about living on the Isle of Hope is that the community is secure, and everyone pretty much knows each other. If you purchase a home on the island, then it will only take you 15 minutes to drive to and from the downtown area of Savannah.

Savannah Historic District

The Historic District of Savannah gives you the chance to experience the oldest city of Georgia and learn about how old it really is. You’ll visit the historic parks and squares which have been there for over 100 years. Forsyth Park is particularly famous for its lavish green spaces.

In addition, the Historic District contributes a lot to the local economy of Savannah. River Street is a popular tourist attraction of the district. Both locals and out-of-towners come to the district to sightsee and enjoy themselves. You can find many beautiful homes in some of the smaller neighborhoods of the Historic District, including Parkside District and Starland District.


Gordonston was named after Juliette Gordon Low, who was the founder of the Girls Scouts of America. The property originally belonged to her family homestead, but it was later developed into a bedroom community.

It is located on the outskirts of Savannah, which was not as big at the time. But as Savannah continued to grow into a trendy city, Gordonston evolved into a safe and secluded residential neighborhood where people wanted to raise their families. Some of the community attractions include Juliette Low Park, the Savannah Golf Club, or The Sisters of the New South (which has the best southern food around).


If you’re looking for affordable housing in Savannah, then Parkside is the perfect neighborhood to choose from. It is close to Daffin Park, where you can find a swimming pool, basketball courts, and playgrounds that your kids will enjoy.

If you like baseball games, then visit Grayson Stadium and watch the Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team play their hearts out. All the best restaurants and stores can be found at Parkside too, such as Home Depot, Whole Food, and IHOP. The neighborhood truly gives you the best of the suburbs and urban areas in one place.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a quiet suburban community near the Ogeechee River banks. It is a 30-minute car ride away from the downtown area of Savannah. If you want to live close to downtown but also raise your family somewhere safe, then Richmond Hill is the best choice. There are so many great neighborhoods there, such as Richmond Place, the Bluffs at Richmond Hill, and Waterways Township.

Starland District

An artsy neighborhood created by two students from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the late 20th century, creativity is ubiquitous throughout this community. The 2 SCAD grads purchased and restored the downtown Savannah’s Starland Dairy, which became the prime attraction in a revitalization project spanning 60+ blocks that brought together fragile neighborhoods.

Thriving studios, galleries, funky and fun shops now reign supreme in the area. You can enjoy tasty treats in quirky and quaint cafes and shop for original art, vintage clothing, and vinyl records in this neighborhood. Populated with awesome eats, an energetic atmosphere, and hip stores, Starland District is truly the place to be!

Moon River District

This is a great place to go outdoors and explore Savanna’s Low country in all its beauty. The entire area is resplendent with all things education, nature, and history. It has plenty of historical locations and offers numerous exploration opportunities to all visitors who are looking for adventure.

Consisting of a 100-year-old waterfront village and 6 different sites, you can also hike an amazing trail that’s only twenty minutes south of the downtown, visit a waterfront village, view sea creatures, and learn about Gullah-Geechee culture. It’s an incredible trifecta of experience with the coast, history, and nature coming together for a brilliant effect.

Explore an unspoiled barrier island, a nearly 300-year-old school and far, the Gullah Geechee community, a fine marine center, pre-Civil War and Colonial history, forest trails, a riverside village, and salt marshes.

Whitemarsh Island

A Savannah suburb with a total population of around 7058, Whitemarsh Island is located in Chatham County. It is widely regarding to be among the best areas to reside in the state of Georgia. It offers its residents a distinctly suburban feel with many residents owning their homes.

Whitemarsh Island is home to numerous young professionals and the residents come from a conservative background. It has been consistently ranked to be one of the best places for families with young children that are just starting out. It is also famous among retirees, thanks to the number of recreational facilities, parks, the senior center, and senior living communities that make it incredibly attractive to many retirees. With low crime rate levels, decent areas and walking distances & a good mixture of smart college students, it’s a great place to be in.

Wilmington Island

As a quiet suburban neighborhood in Georgia, this place is composed of large to medium single-family houses & apartment complexes. Most residents here own their homes, which were built somewhere between 1970-99. Many residences have also come up in recent years. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a scenic coastal setting, you may find this neighborhood appealing.

The entire neighborhood is right on the inlet, the ocean, or bay. Coastal places often have various recreational activities and amenities, which are great for both visitors and residents alike. Apart from being a coastal neighborhood, its also a nautical neighborhood, which means it’s densely populated, walkable, historic, and right near the water as well. As a result, the neighborhood has a distinct shipping, seaside, and nautical feel to it, which may be extremely pleasing to some.


When General James Oglethorpe laid the foundation for Savannah back in 1733, numerous outposts were also developed for protecting his settlement and its members from then-Spanish Florida. Almost all of them have disappeared, save for Thunderbolt, which is a tiny town on a bluff that overlooks the Wilmington River’s Intercoastal Waterway around 5 miles south of Savannah. The legend goes that a new freshwater spring had been created on the bluff by a lightning strike, from which the town derives its name.

It’s been a popular river resort for 200+ years. Shrimping and fishing are the principal vocations of the residents in Thunderbolt. The area was also the fishing community’s processing port and plantation shipping point in the past. Today, it’s a tiny coastal town comprising of many quaint old villages, modern developments, and new homes. There are numerous condos alongside the water that offer spectacular views & beautiful sunrises.

The Bonaventure Cemetery is a notable local attraction that sparked considerable national interest when it appeared in the movie ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’. Aside from this cemetery, the town also boasts of numerous restaurants, shops, and a museum whose purpose is to preserve the memories and history of this town.

West Chatham

Savannah is famous for its relaxed coastal life, gorgeous marshlands, fantastic food, historic neighborhoods, and gold. West Chatham in Savannah is home to one of the best golf courses you can find in the entire region and is highly popular among golfing circles. Southbridge happens to be a residential neighborhood and country club that offers resort-style living at both budget and premium prices. Additionally, the Grand Lake Lodge also offers spa-like facilities, with a luxury spa, yoga, basketball, fitness facilities, and walking trails.

City Center

Savannah’s City Center is primarily composed of small (two-bedroom to studio) to medium-sized (three bedrooms or four bedrooms) high-rise apartments/apartment complexes, and compact apartment buildings. Renters account for a substantial number of the people living here.

The neighborhood has a cool and distinct vibe to it that sets it apart from other areas in the region. If you’re interested in living alongside people from across the US or even the world with diverse life experiences and unique perspectives, this is where you need to be!

It is completely unique in the way it looks and feels when you drive or walk around it, right down to its flavor, the setting, and its buildings. The neighborhood’s diverse background makes it a melting point for people from different cultures, states, and countries, who have made this place their home.