Savannah's Artsy Neighborhood

Starland is an artsy neighborhood that was founded by a couple of students from Savannah College of Art and Design towards the end of the 20th century. Creativity is the cornerstone of this entire community. Where once stood rundown buildings, there are now studios, galleries, delicious restaurants, and funky and fun shops. You can shop for original art, vintage clothing, and vinyl records here and savor delicacies from numerous quirky and quaint cafes in the area.

While the dimensions of this area are a bit unclear, it’s generally accepted that Starland starts from Forsyth Park’s southern end to Victory Drive on the other end. Bull Street is considered to be the center of Starland. While the place did well until 1950, it experienced a decline after that period. Greg Jacobs and John Deaderick were two SCAD graduates in the 90s who want to establish a lively, artsy neighborhood that would replace this dying, nameless, crumbling expanse. They were eventually successful in creating a sense of togetherness and community among the locals. Their dreams combined with the famous Savannah charm to attract more visitors, thus reviving its economy again.

Starland Attractions

First Friday Events

All of Savannah is known for its First Friday events. Starland District follows this tradition with different mini-festivals every month, which are held with the coordination of local residents, artists, and restaurants. Tourists looking for the best Starland has to offer should definitely consider visiting during one of these events for an unforgettable experience.

See Incredible Art

Aside from all the homes and the buildings in this district that are works of art, there are multiple studio spaces and galleries located here as well. You can visit the Non-Fiction Gallery or Sulfur Studios if you’re an art aficionado. The positive vibes and eclectic atmosphere of this district plays a vital role in attracting emerging artists who display their masterpieces to art enthusiasts and tourists. The Foxy Loxy Café is an amazing place where local artistry merges with coffee to give rise to a relaxing atmosphere. Self-guided tours are also available free of cost in the Starland District during the month of March. You’ll be taken to multiple galleries both within and outside the district, where the works of several regional and local artists have been displayed.

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