Impressionist art of the historic district of Savannah Georgia
Impressionist art of the historic district of Savannah Georgia in early spring with the Azaleas in bloom.

There might still be a winter chill in the air, but this does not stop Savannah from preparing for its busiest season: Spring. With wonderful weather and a lot of fun-filled events, April is the best month to visit Savannah. Whether you are going to the beach, dining under the stars, or taking advantage of the parks and historic sites, you can find a lot to do.

Here are the top 7 things that make Springtime in Savannah stand out:

The Beginning of Beach Season

A Young Family enjoying the beach in Savannah, GA

April brings the best time of the year for those seeking a natural tan on Tybee Island, Savannah’s beach. The ocean might not be ideal for swimming, but the beach can be used for various activities such as jogging, beach volleyball, football, and soccer. The warm sun combined with the cool breeze is best for people and families who love being lively by the water. Tybee Island will leave a visitor feeling happy, sun-kissed, and healthy-looking.

Flowers, Fragrances, and Blossoms

There is a saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. However, in Savannah, the flowers bloom earlier than that. The different flower varieties are citywide, and the breeze helps transport their different fragrances. April is ideal for visiting the Forsyth Park Fragrant Garden which is usually covered in blooms that produce the best fragrances.

During Spring, the streets of the city are covered in azaleas. Walk along Historic District to truly see these beautiful blossoms from February to March. These flowers make it the ideal backdrop for pictures, so be sure to take them.

The Bonaventure Cemetery also is covered with azaleas in the springtime. Depending on the weather, the azaleas can bloom fully in March and last all through April. Measured at 100 acres, Bonaventure Cemetery has living oak trees, historic headquarters, stunning sculptures, and beautiful Spanish moss.


At the annual Savannah Stopover Music Festival, which holds for three days in early March, several upcoming artists can be discovered. Later in spring, there is the much-anticipated Savannah Music Festival featuring famous musicians. In the summer, the place to be is Savannah Voice Festival provides a platform for the numerous vocal talent to showcase their skills.

Any lover of jazz music should visit the Savannah Jazz Festival where several famous jazz artists, upcoming high school talents, and local legends can deliver good performances on stage. Come to Savannah and enjoy all of the music festivals it offers!

Fresco Dining

Delicious omelette with vegetables served for breakfast
Delicious omelet with vegetables served for breakfast

Springtime is the best time for outdoor dining beneath the stars or sun. Begin your day with inhaling fresh air with an exquisite meal at any Savannah brunch spots such as Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar, The Collins Quarter, or B. Matthew’s Eatery. Enjoy a cocktail hour complete with appetizers at any restaurant or rooftop pub in Savannah, there are craft cocktails and a filling meal served at Cotton & Rye. Most Savannah restaurants update their menus during spring, so there are several opportunities to try something new.

Come with a full appetite as most of the restaurants are longtime favorites and there are new places to eat. For crisp décor and modern-day flavors, visit Fat Radish found on West Congress Street. Any barbecue lover should visit the Savannah Smokehouse for a variety ranging from baby back ribs to mac and cheese combined with other soulful flavors.

For a cocktail with a simple snack, visit The 5 Spot on Broughton found on East Broughton Street. In the Victorian Districts? Stop by at Squirrel’s Pizza. Grab a sugary delicacy on Tybee Island, stop at the Savannah Praline Company which serves gourmet truffles, dole whip icy pleasures, amongst others. There is something for everyone in Savannah.


Every April, the Forsyth Park becomes an aesthetic walkway covered in art. SCAD students, alumni, and Savannah high school students spend their time creating beautiful, unique chalk art. There is a panel of judges that determine a winner. This Saturday event features food, artworks, breathtaking nature, and live music.

There are events to keep you occupied in Savannah every spring. Celebrate the amazing African American artworks, music, and culture at the yearly Savannah Black Heritage Festival, you can partake in Tour of Homes and Gardens. Plan early for the special events of this season, from the parades to the energetic performances. There are numerous events happening each year.

Walkable Weather

Family enjoying biking in the park
Cheerful family biking together in park

April is the best month to see all Savannah has to offer on foot. You can visit its 22 squares, stroll along Forsyth Park, or any other of Savannah’s beautiful parks. Several tour companies provide walking tours, so you get some exercise while exploring the city and enjoying the weather.

If partaking in a race is on your bucket list, you need to visit Savannah. Begin with partaking in the Critz Tybee Run on Tybee Island, Savannah’s beach. During spring, race along the azalea-filled streets at the Publix Savannah Women’s Half & 5K. Scale through the Talmadge Bridge during the South’s toughest bridge run at the annual Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. Interested in music? Attend the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon that feature artists performing during the race.

Tour of Homes and Gardens

This event in Savannah is a great way of visiting the most exquisite homes and admiring the unique decorations and items that have been passed down for generations and closed from public access. You can enjoy several unique events, food, and generous hospitality that the city has to offer. There is a different neighborhood showcased each day and these tours are self-guided. You can gain access to these homes and gardens for three hours. The homes differ in design style, age, and size. Their stoops are high with over eight stairs and are NOT handicap accessible.

Every guest receives an Official Tour Guidebook along with their tickets. The address of each home is listed in the Guidebook and highlighted on a color-coded map. There are Volunteer Street Guides found in the neighborhood to assist and would be wearing a red sash. Docents greet and welcome you to every site and can be asked any question about the home’s information. Each site and Special Event is marked by a sign and balloons at the entrance. The events get filled rapidly, so reserve your tickets early. Visit for more information.