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Thanks to its emerging culinary culture, fancy walk-up spots, haunted history, and stunning Spanish moss squares, people are visiting this city in increasing numbers every year.

Savannah’s open container law allows people to experience a new level of freedom when it comes to drinking and dining in the city, which is a prime attraction as well.

A remarkable paradise for food lovers, Savannah is home to numerous restaurants with bold tastes, which can satisfy a wide range of palates. It has an eclectic dining culture that allows visitors to experiences a whole new range of tasty culinary adventures. Enjoy dinning both indoors and outdoors in Savannah‘s many delicious restaurants.

The Low Country is famous for local coastal cuisine and Southern comfort food dishes. With an unbeatable combination of hospitable service, flavorful dishes, and opulent design, the restaurants in Savannah amplify everything that’s good about this city.

Bull Street Taco

The Bull Street Taco happens to be a delightful neighborhood joint, which you can find in Starland District.

The restaurant believes that the best part of the taco is its base, which is reflected in its wide range of taco classics, including the red chili tempura cauliflower and the carnitas. The flour tortillas and organic corn have all been made from scratch. The freshly-squeezed house margaritas you find here are truly one of a kind as well.


Situated in Ardsley Park, the Atlantic has taken the entire neighborhood restaurant scene to a completely different level. The menu lists ‘Snacks’ like bacon-wrapped dates and ‘Full Detail’ meals like pork belly and whole-roasted fish.

If you’re a wine lover, the Atlantic boasts of an unmatched elite wine collection that goes well with all kinds of entrees. It doesn’t matter whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a pescatarian – there’s something for everybody here.

Family Eating Lunch Together In Restaurant in Savannah GA
Family Eating Lunch Together In Restaurant

Crystal Beer Parlor

Are you a fan of burgers and craft beer? The Crystal Beer Parlor, which was among the first bars that served alcohol after the prohibition ended, offers more than 80 beers to its customers, 26 of them are on-tap and sourced from famous local breweries.

It’s an amazing joint with great drinks and food that’s mostly frequented by the locals for dinner and lunch.

The Grey

The Grey has been the toast of reputed names in both the culinary world and national media since it was launched in 2015 – something it fully deserves.

A Greyhound bus station in its earlier days, it is now an amazing restaurant that can give the best places in the country a run for their money. All thanks to their 5-star dishes and standout designs.

The wide range of impeccable menu offerings, the stunning Art Deco interiors, friendly company, and outstanding hospitality have made this place a dream to dine at. Owned by Mashama Bailey, a James Beard award winner, it also pays homage to the influence of the African culture on Southern dishes.

If you don’t have a reservation, you can always try the diner bar overlooking the entire city, which has a menu that includes pickled eggs and the Big Dog, which is a specially prepared gourmet hot dog.

Gottlieb’s Bakery

As one of Savannah’s oldest family bakeries, Gottlieb’s Bakery was launched in 1889. It had to shut down in 1994 after one-stop stores like Sam’s Club and Publix opened full-service in-house bakeries that offered convenience and cheaper prices to customers who were not as interested in artisanal quality products.

It was reopened again by the Gottlieb family in 2016 once the demand for quality products resurfaced. The lunch menu boasts of items like freshly baked bread, pastries, and many other daily specials.

The morning is the best time to enjoy the bakery’s offerings – baked goods are not replenished for the rest of the day once they get sold out.

Delicious breakfast All American
Delicious omelette with vegetables served for breakfast

The Olde Pink House

Located near Reynold Square in an 18th Century mansion, the Oldie Pink House happens to be a fine testament to Southern luxury, history, and tradition. Your culinary tool of Savannah is incomplete without paying a visit here.

It has a seasonal menu that offers the right mix of savory and sweet flavors with dishes that titillate the taste buds. With a combination of refined service and comfort cuisine, it’s a place where you can also enjoy a beautiful and intimate candlelight dinner inside a stunning architectural marvel.

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

Mrs. Wilkes’s Dining Room was started by a caring woman who had a humble goal – to showcase homestyle Southern dishes and Southern hospitality at its very best.

Patrons come from all over to enjoy a delicious meal served to them at a decorated dining table, prepared with love. Apart from a mouth-watering menu of comfort food delicacies, the design also makes you feel instantly at home.

At Mrs. Wilkes, you may settle down in your seat and pass hearty, warm bowls to others at the table and indulge yourself in a good old-fashioned family meal.

Elizabeth on 37th

Elizabeth of 37th offers a quintessential Southern fine dining experience, which is unique to the city of Savannah – a feature that has brought it widespread praise and admiration for over 30 years.

With home-grown flora, produce, and locally-sourced seafood, it represents the best of the South’s coastal cuisine. The city’s natural beauty is juxtaposed against the restaurant’s traditional Southern interior décor and architecture.

Elizabeth on 37th is an absolute wonder that will leave you satiated in every sense of the word.

700 Drayton

The 700 Drayton is a celebrated restaurant in Savannah that offers an unparalleled fine dining experience.

With artful interiors, top-notch culinary dishes, and an extensive wine menu, it’s no surprise that this place finds itself in the ‘must visit’ list of every food critic who has ever visited this place.

The menu features many innovative takes on classic dishes, which will leave you with a rich sense of satisfaction. With hand-poured glass windows, Brazilian walnut floors, and Venetian columns, its beauty is a breathtaking sight indeed.