Top 6 Savannah Neighborhoods

The Savannah Georgia is a beautiful American city with a lot of history which dates as far back as the Antebellum period. This city is decorated with stunning Georgian mansions, wonderful public parks, cobblestone squares, and exquisite horse-drawn carts. The Savannah has always been a city since 300 years ago or more, which makes it the foremost and the oldest city in Georgia.

The Savannah served as Georgia’s capital at some point in the period of the revolutionary war and this makes the city one with a lot of undiscovered secrets.

Savannah Historic District – Downtown

Impressionist art of the historic district of Savannah Ga
Impressionist art of the historic district of Savannah Georgia in early spring with the Azaleas in bloom.

There is a flow of the Southern charm through the Savannah’s Historic District. Certain things you’ll assume they are of little importance, recount beautiful stories of the emergence of the United States. Savannah’s historic district still remains the largest National Historic Landmark District found in the country. The Historic squares, homes, museums, and some historic buildings all make the Savannah Landmark District.

Things to Do: Squares
The original plan of the Savannah just like several cities found in the United States was to provide common areas and squares reserved for recreation and other public use. There were originally 24 planned squares. From the 24, 2 got lost in other developmental projects. However, others still remained better than the proposed plans.

Below are some of the several Squares in the Downtown Savannah:

Chippewa Square – Bull St and McDonough

Ellis Square – Barnard St and Saint Julian St

Columbia Square – Habersham and President St

Things to do: Museums
The Savannah also has scattered around its city, beautiful Museums where its rich history is kept. Some of the Beautiful Museums are found below:

Telfair Museum – Founded in the year 1883 by Mary Telfair and still remains the oldest southern public art museum. – 207 W York St

Savannah History Museum – This has in its possession 10,000 artifacts or more which dates as far back as 1733 at the incorporation of the Savannah. – 303 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

The Railroad Museum – Situated at the former Central of Georgia Railway Savannah Shops and the Terminal Facilities. This newly restored building is reserved as a National Historic Landmark– 655 Louisville Rd


Riverside at Skidaway Island, Savannah, GA
Riverside at Skidaway Island, Savannah, GA

The Skidaway is an Island of a size of about 6,300 acres of land, intercostal waterways, and tidal marsh. It remains an exclusive island reserved for the rich and influential living there. It is very close to the Savannah and this means that living in the Skidaway gives you an opportunity to enjoy two worlds: You tend to benefit from the modern facilities available in major cities in the US and relish the exotic beauty of the island.

Neighborhood Amenities:

• Two deep water marinas.

• 30+ miles of trails made available for, walking, biking, and riding golf carts.

• Oakridge Fitness Center, which provides a robust state-of-the-art fitness service with various pools which Prevo Health Solutions has referred to as “One of the Healthiest Clubs in America.”

While living at The Landings on Skidaway Island, you get to relish the good things in life. Play interesting games such as the bocce, pickleball, table tennis or have a good time watching birds with a professional guide of the popular “Birdwatchers at The Landing. “


Tall grass on Tybee Island at sunset
Tall grass on Tybee Island at sunset

Tybee Island is a beach with a large area of about five miles and has various easily accessed public squares. The island remains modest, casual, and reserved. Locals who visit there to spend some time call it “Tybee time”. Although, quite laid back, lots of fun and engaging activities are constantly going on in the Island. Find below some favorite places visited by Locals:

Things to Do:

DrHigh Tide Surf Shop – 406 Lovell AveThe
Tybee Island Light Station – 30 Meddin
Breakfast Club – 1500 Butler Ave


Oak trees covered in Spanish moss in Savannah, GA
Oak trees covered in Spanish moss in Savannah, GA

The Isle of Hope which is a riverfront community attracts a lot of Young People and it is erected on a peninsula that extends into the Skidaway River. Find below some basic locations in the Isle of Hope square of the Savannah.

Things to Do:

Wormsloe Historic Site – 7601 Skidaway Rd
Pin Point Heritage Museum – 9924 Pin Point Ave
Driftaway Cafe – 7400 Skidaway Road


A Warm day at Ardsley Park in Savannah, Georgia Shaded by Magnolia Trees
A Warm day at Ardsley Park in Savannah, Georgia Shaded by Magnolia Trees

The Ardsley Park remains the Oldest of Savannah’s subdivision. Families here engage in dance lessons after school and play baseball games at the weekend. The kids could walk or enjoy a bike ride to school. There are relevant Savannah’s historic properties found in the Ardsley Park.

You could easily get a nice historical residence not too far from Downtown Savannah. Also, this place is made distinct by the exquisite Spanish-style design of their roof pillars also with the unique Belgian Block roof. It is quite similar to the Downtown Savannah and also has six large community square.

The Chatham Crescent which lies very close is quite a bigger version of the Older Ardsley Park. Formerly known as the Granger Tract, the community with a 174-acre of space maintains a Beaux-Arts Style, which was the convention when Chatham Crescent was developed by Harvey Granger.

Things to Do:

• Enjoy a nice picnic at the Forsyth Park at Drayton St & W Gaston Street.

• Visit The Marvelous Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist at 222 E Harris St.

• Have a wonderful time shopping at the Savannah City Market at 219 W Bryan St.


Southside Savannah, Georgia
Southside Savannah, Georgia

There is a lot that can be done at the Southside, Savannah’s commercial district provides you with a variety of food and a lot of shopping options.

Things to Do:
B & D Burgers Southside – 11108 Abercorn St
Oglethorpe Mall – 7804 Abercorn St
Twelve Oaks Shopping Center – 5500 Abercorn St
Savannah Mall – 14045 Abercorn St

Savannah Georgia still remains among the world’s most resplendent cities and its distinct neighborhoods help give one the All-American Ambience.