Richmond Place

Richmond Place

An Active Military Community

If you have a military family, then Richmond Place is a great community to live since it is close to Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart. There is a lot of activity going on in the community, which includes potluck dinners and holiday parades.


Downtown Savannah is only about 20 miles away from Richmond Place. I-95 is also close by, so traveling outside of the subdivision is very easy.

You’ll find a lot of local restaurants, and grocery stores are just a short walk away as well. If you take a short drive within the community, you can find Richmond Hill Public Library and some of the top schools of Richmond Hill.

A Neighborhood for Everyone

Richmond Place is a covenant community with lots of real estate properties up for resale, including three-story homes, two-story homes, and small ranch homes.

Whether you have a family with kids or you’re a retiree, you’re bound to find a home that is suitable for your needs.

Benifits of Living Near Savanah

There are several benefits to living so close to the city, such as weekly pick up of yard debris, and a huge item collection service that takes place once per year. You’ll also receive a super-fast response time from Emergency Services.

Since all the necessities are positioned so close together, you won’t need to drive much to find what you need in Richmond Place.

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