Musicians playing in the street

Cars and Coffee

Unlike regular car shows, Cars and Coffee does not award trophies to contestants. Residents state that it’s a great place for vehicle and car owners to assemble and show off their rides to tourists looking to admire beautiful pieces of workmanship. Out of the 70-odd vehicles that are on display here, around 35 of them belong to Model A Restorers Club or MARC members.

Many flagship Ford cars can be seen navigating the roads of Richmond Hill throughout the week, which is a family-friendly event that anyone can walk in to. It’s a great place for people to admire classic cars and talk about their past. Old cars bring out a sense of common nostalgia in everyone who visits the show. Meetings are usually conducted on the 1st Saturday of every month between March – October at the Timber Trail Road – Ford Avenue intersection on the grounds of the museum.

Easter Eggstravaganza

The Easter Eggstravaganza is an event hosted at the JF Gregory Park during March. It’s a free-for-all community event that’s hosted by New Beginnings Community Church along with local partners and the Richmond Hill administration. The event features numerous food stands, pictures with a cute Easter Bunny, games, and entertainment. In 2019, over 30000 eggs were scattered throughout the park, which participants hunted for in large numbers. It’s a highly popular event among both adults and young children.

Children’s Fishing Derby

The Fort McAllister Sport Fishing Club and Richmond Hill administration cosponsor the Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby where trophies are awarded to children who catch the largest fish in the 4 – 15 age group. Every registered participant is also awarded a medal. Cokes, chips, and hotdogs are available for all observers as well.

The administration generally uses this opportunity for sharing information regarding various valuable services that are provided to the residents by the cities and how these services are positively impacting their life in general. Community achievements are celebrated together. City employees and volunteers are recognized for their service during this week.

Memorial Day Ceremony

Richmond Hill conducts its Memorial Day event at the JF Gregory Park in honor of military personnel who laid down their lives in the line of duty. It is attended by a large number of community members and includes a laying of the wreath, a 21-gun salute, and posting of the colors. The observance begins at 11 AM at the JF Gregory Park.

The community is encouraged to pay their tributes to the brave hearts who laid down their lives to defend their country. You can also take part in the Memorial Day Commemoration event. Live history interpretations are done throughout the entire day, including musket and cannon firings on an hourly basis. You can tour Fort McAllister’s grounds, museum, and fort alongside the Ogeechee riverbanks.

Exchange Club Kids Fishing Derby

Fishing derby

The Richmond Hill Exchange Club plays host to the Annual Kids Fishing Derby during the morning between 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM on GA 144 at Richmond Hill Fish Hatchery between the Kroger and library. This derby is open to all children under the age of 15 who come with their guardians or parents. In the last 27 years, several thousands of kids have taken part in the event, which is expected to be held this year with the same level of turnout as well.

The Fish Hatchery ponds have been fully stocked and loaded with catfish. All participants are required to bring their fully-equipped fishing poles ready to start fishing along with bait. A limited quantity of fishing poles and bait will also be provided by the organizers. The participants can enjoy free Cokes and hotdogs, which is sponsored by the Savannah Coca Cola Bottling Company. The derby also offers numerous prizes to children who participate in the event.

Richmond Hill Independence Celebration

With each year more family-friendly games and activities as well as larger community involvement, especially with the new addition of the farmer’s market of which Richmond Hill is introducing. At the end of the night, people rushed into town to watch the fireworks display, the highlight of the evening.

This is a free event that’s open to everyone. It takes place in the JF Gregory Park, which ensures that it does not interfere with other celebrations. It’s a virtual paradise for kids as the event includes water slides, inflatables, train rides, pony rides, vendors, and food. There are numerous food choices to choose from, including 8 food trucks. With jam-packed crowds, this is Richmond Hill’s most awaited celebration as it includes a ton of fun activities, all culminating in a brilliant fireworks show.

People are free to spend their evening playing cornhole or football, eating hamburgers and hotdogs, and enjoying the live entertainment options on display at the event. It’s a day of epic celebrations, fun, and frolic.

Kids can enjoy the pony rides and inflatable water rides available at the event. You can observe some of them pausing everything to savor the warm funnel cakes or fresh watermelon that’s sold near the local farmers’ market. Kids are also encouraged to take part in crafts and arts. Many local vendors also provide face painting services. With massive community involvement, family-friendly activities, games, and the farmers’ market, it makes for a wonderful experience. The fireworks show towards the end is a truly dazzling sight and is the perfect conclusion for an amazing, fun-filled day of celebration.

Bryan County Bass Masters Kids Fishing Tournament

The Kids Fishing Tournament, held by the Bryan County Bass Masters Fishing Club, begins at 8 AM and continues till late noon. The event is held in August at the JF Gregory Park in Richmond Hill and is ideal for fish lovers. Participants only need to get their poles and tackles with fresh bait being provided at the site.

Kids stand to win as much as $100, provided they’re successful in catching a fish that bears the sponsor’s tag. Trophies are also awarded for the drawing competition. Soda, hamburgers and hot dogs are free for all participants who must be escorted by their guardian or parent. 70+ sponsors keep this event going every year with their contributions, thus keeping it free for all participants. The organization’s goal is the raise awareness about fishing among people belong to the younger generation.

Savannah  re-enactments
American Civil War Union Army reenactment at Fort McAllister

Labor Day Festivities

Head to Fort McAllister with your family for a fun, entertaining, and educational day. It’s held every year on Labor Day where Civil War interpreters keep firing muskets and cannons during the entire day. After paying a tiny admission fee, families can easily spend the entire day remembering and honoring American history.

The Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails, which is a non-profit organization was started in 1999 and is responsible for hosting the event. The primary purpose of this event is to maintain and create various historic driving routes that link hundreds of different sites – apart from battlefields, they also connect Georgia’s political, social, and cultural history.

Your State Parks Day

Your State Park Day is Richmond Hills’ biggest yearly volunteer day is held towards the end of September. You can consider stopping by and volunteering yourself to improve the park. Volunteers clean and clear the branches, debris & other areas in order to keep the park pristine and beautiful. All volunteers also get free lunch, as a token of appreciation from Georgia State Parks.

All volunteers are requested to get their own gloves and tools since park supplies tend to be limited. Volunteers can contact the office (912-727-2339) and provide information to staff members about the number of volunteers in their party.

Candle Lantern Tour

The candlelight guided tours are something to watch out for! You can view soldiers executing their regular evening duties & see for yourself how they lived their lives during the time of the Civil War on the beautiful Georgia coast. You can also visit our barracks house to purchase sweet treats and enjoy an exclusive firing of the cannon during the night-time. Our hospitable tour guides will offer you a historical and entertaining experience that you’ll never forget.

You’ll be provided with refreshments once you reach the museum as well. Set tour timings and limited party space. Payment and pre-registration are mandatory, which commences from 10/1. You can visit or call Fort McAllister State Park Office in order to sign up for the event, which is held in late October. For kids under the age of 2, it’s completely free as well.

Little Girls Pulling Their Pumpkins In A Wagon At A Pumpkin Patch One Fall Day.

Pumpkin Patch

The annual Pumpkin Patch event happens to be held annually in October at the JF Gregory Park Pavilion. You’ll find a wide variety of items here on sale, including pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, outdoor and indoor décor, giant mums, and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Games like creepy feel, ghost darts, Wheel of Fortune, Pick-A-Pumpkin, fish pond, ring the pumpkin, and bean bag toss will also be available along with face painting services.

You can also take part in a raffle competition for a big-sized wreath that’s professionally crafted by local artisans. We advise that you wear Halloween costumes since you’ll have several opportunities to take amazing photos. With small pumpkins and huge Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins all over the place, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on. The event is a major garden club fundraiser, which allows the organization to complete numerous community projects. A great event for friends and family.

Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival

The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival is conducted in Richmond Hill, GA, south of Savannah. With a wide range of amazing seafood dishes, you’ll also be able to enjoy a carnival, several live entertainment options, crafts, and arts at this event hosted by the Bryan County/Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re looking for amazing treats, desserts, beverages, and food, the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival offers an amazing selection of delicious dishes including mouth-watering seafood dishes that are famous across coastal Georgia. This place is ideal for those looking to experience southern hospitality at its finest while also getting to eat top-notch seafood dishes. Thrill-seekers may find the carnival to be an entertaining experience while shoppers can peruse the business, crafts, and handmade arts booths.

We recommend visiting this festival with your friends and family in late October or early November.

Chili Cook-Off

Chili is a polarizing dish – some prefer it sweet whereas others prefer it spicy. The residents of Richmond Hill hold an annual Chili Cook-Off event on a Friday night at the JF Gregory Park pavilion during November. The previous cook-off saw over twenty vendor contestants from different local organizations and businesses engaged in fierce competition with each other for the title of the best chili town in Richmond Hill.

Event-goers can also enjoy warm chili samples along with different traditional toppings like cheese, cornbread, corn chips, crackers, and sour cream. If you’re looking for the best chili in town, this competition involving community organizations and neighbors is the best place to start your hunt.

Savannah GA reenactments

Annual Winter Muster

McAllister State Park hosts informative candlelight guided tours during December every year. The Annual Winter Muster is a tactical demonstration that commemorates the fort siege, which took place during General Sherman’s March to the Sea campaign’s last battle.

You’ll find drills, skirmishes, musket and cannon firings going off throughout the entire day and get a taste of how life was life for soldiers and citizens during the Civil War period in Georgia. You can also find sweet treats at the barracks house once you’ve seen the night-time cannon firing event. To enjoy the Final Assault event, you should be here by 4 pm.

Holiday Artist Collective

The Holiday Artist Collective arts and crafts market that features unique collectibles, gifts, genuine photographs, and original paintings, all made by local artisans and craftsmen. The Photopoint Gallery invites 10 or more hand-picked regional and/or local sculptors, photographers, painters, and other artists to present their work to members of the community.

Everything you see here is an original piece of art and has been made by working artists. If you want to get something unique and fascinating for your loved ones, consider picking up a piece from here – you won’t regret it!