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Waterfront Homes

The Latest Listing in Richmond Hill, Ga

Have you always wanted to live on waterfront property?  This is our page dedicated to showing the latest listing of waterfront properties in Richmond Hill, GA.  These listing are updated daily and you can easily set up notifications when new properties hit the market.  The Hupman Group is dedicated to providing you with the most relevant information that you are looking for and a world-class real estate experience if you decide to work with us.  We have put together an amazing team to handle every part of the real estate transaction from start to finish.

Why Buy Waterfront?

1. Atmosphere does make a difference in your quality of life and overall wellbeing. Waterfront property beacons you to connect with the beauty of nature. Millions of sparkling reflections on the waves and fresh breeze can help make life more pleasant.

2. Health. Fresh clean air is good for your health and often you have more opportunities to get out and move.

3. Investment. Waterfront homes are nearly always in demand. Prices usually rise over time. Also, it is typically very easy to rent out a waterfront home at a premium price.

Why Not To Buy Waterfront

Make sure you consider these important factors.

1. Privacy can be less than expected in a popular location. Beachfront properties, in particular, may have less privacy that you are used to. Also, if you are on a busy river, boater can see your home and yard as they zoom by or are fishing by your shoreline.
2. Bugs. Lakes and rivers tend to attract bugs. Also, biting gnats can be brutal on beachfront properties.
3.Maintenance. Humidity, salt, rain, and winds create more work in maintaining your home and yard. You may have to battle erosion as well. These costs can add up over time and lack of maintenance and lead to more substantial repair costs.
4. Taxes. Ouch, waterfront taxes must be considered. Before you consider buying, take a look at the property taxes in the MLS listing.

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