Why Sellers Should Hire Agents to Handle Their Real Estate in Richmond Hill

The Hupman Group
The Hupman Group
Published on August 31, 2019

While still a relatively small town, Richmond Hill, Georgia has been growing rapidly for many years. In addition to being a preferred destination for people who would like to live somewhere a bit quieter than Savannah, Richmond Hill has a great deal more to offer.

homeowners are trying to decide if they need Realtors Richmond Hill
during the selling phase, they have two questions:

  • Is it a legal requirement?
  • Is it realistic to expect to make a sale without an agent’s

Are Sellers Legally Required to Hire Real Estate Agents?

No, a home seller is not required to hire an agent. FSBOs (for sale, by owner) transactions are legal in every state. However, a seller may need a professional to handle certain paperwork. In the state of Virginia, closing documents must be handled by a real estate attorney.

Does a Homeowner Really Need an Agent?

it’s legal, selling without help from a real estate agent isn’t
right for everyone. An owner’s FSBO success depends on their goals,
their skills, and their willingness to work hard. On average, it
takes 96 days to sell a home. With an agent’s help, it’s possible
to sell Real Estate
Richmond Hill
much faster.

Agents Help Owners Free Up Their Time

When a
home is on the market, an owner should plan to do something
sales-related at least once per day. One day, it may be gathering
listing paperwork; the next, it may be holding an open house. It’s
time-consuming, to say the least, but agents can help owners save
time and frustration.

A Local Real Estate Agent Knows the Market

are easy in a seller’s market, because homes usually sell sooner
and closer to the owner’s asking price. However, it’s difficult
to sell in a buyer’s market, and it may take longer to get a
favorable offer. An agent will use his or her knowledge of richmond
hill’s neighborhoods to get homes sold.

Pricing Homes to Sell

a home correctly is crucial and complicated at the same time.
Comparables are used to set listing prices on par with other, similar
homes in the same market. If a home is overpriced, the home won’t
sell. If it’s underpriced, there will be money left on the table.
Here, the agent will use their skills to set a fair asking price.

Removing Emotion from the Transaction

person’s home means a great deal to them, but when they’re acting
as an agent, they should be objective as far as negotiations and
offers are concerned. By hiring an agent, owners remove their own
emotions from the process of selling Real Estate Richmond Hill.

Marketing for Exposure

To sell a home, one must first find a buyer. Early on, agents
spend most of their time on marketing homes for sale. For a
successful FSBO, consider paying a flat rate to an agent to get the
listing onto the MLS (where most buyers and agents look at first).

If the Home Does Not Sell

If the home does not sell within a certain time, the owner should make a new plan. Most sellers wind up hiring an agent, simply because home sales is hard work. When homes sit on the market for months, owners often end up overspending on mortgage payments. If they pay a listing agent, they can save a substantial amount of money. We have a team dedicated to helping you sell your home. Learn more about selling your home on our home selling page.


Most sellers hire listing agents because the job requires dedication, patience, and skill. The majority of homeowners have family commitments, full-time jobs, and other limits that make it hard for them to devote enough time to the sales process. In most cases, the commission paid to an agent is returned in the form of a quicker closing, a higher sale price, or a smoother transaction. To connect with one of our amazing Richmond Hill area realtors, check out our team page.

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