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The Hupman Group
The Hupman Group
Published on September 2, 2019

Did you know that winter is one of the best seasons to sell a residence in Richmond Hill, GA?

Fewer homeowners list their homes during winter, so naturally, fewer of those residences sell. But houses that are listed in this chilly season have a better chance of selling than those listed for sale in other times during the year.

Homes sell quicker in winter and, best of all, they sell for more than they do in fall and summer and only slightly less than in spring, according to a study by a national real estate brokerage.

The study looked at how much above list price homes eventually sold for during each season:
• Spring: 18.7%
• Summer: 15.1%
• Fall: 14.7%
• Winter: 17.5%

What’s also interesting is that the winter information is constant no matter the season’s severity. So, from Houston to Detroit, or from Richmond Hill to Boston, the likelihood of selling and the percentage of list price realized is the same.

Get even more with the following brilliant tip
The way to receive more for your home in Richmond Hill, regardless of season, is to make it stand out among the competition. This is a bit more difficult in winter, when everyone’s deciduous trees appear lifeless and many residents’ lawns appear to be similar.

Since most homebuyers shop online, however, a photograph of your home is most likely how they’ll be introduced. By photographing it now, while the sun is shining and greenery is actually green, you’re giving your house a leg up on the competition.

Imagine scrolling through winter listings online and landing on one that completely stands out from all the rest. It is more likely that this home would go on your “I’d like to visit this home” list.

It’s called “green photography”
Surprisingly, it hasn’t dawned on the majority of other real estate agents to take advantage of this marketing opportunity, so the chances are excellent that your home may be the only one with sunshine in it’s “hero” shot (the first photo people see on the MLS).

To accompany the summer feeling in a winter home sale, we suggest you tour your landscape and make a diagram or notes on what is planted where.
We can then blow up an exterior photo and make notes directly on it as to where the mock orange is planted, what color roses they can expect in spring and which of those twiggy trees bears delicious peaches in the summer. We’ll leave it out for buyers to see when they tour the home.

Winter curb appeal is still important
Even in the most frightful weather, a home’s exterior appearance can make or break the homebuyer’s decision to leave the warmth of the car to venture up the walkway to your home.
Color is inviting, so anything that can be done to add color outside will pay off. Some of our clients repaint the mailbox and front door in summer or fall in preparation for a winter sale.
Others add pathway lighting for those after-work hours showings.

You’ll find additional winter curb appeal tips that you should think about now at, HGTV and
It’s not easy to think about the thicker socks, scarves and hats we’ll be donning in just a few months. But winter will be here before we know it and when it comes to a future home sale, it pays to be prepared.
If you’re among those who will be selling in fall or winter, call us to get those photos taken now.

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