For the past 3 years the Hupman Group has been holding an annual Teacher Nomination Contest. We ask people in our community to nominate their favorite teacher and share some reasons they think he or she deserves to be recognized. In 2021 we received over 150 nominations for some pretty amazing teachers.

This year’s recipient is Molly Walsh who teaches at Carver Elementary in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Molly received several nominations from parents of students as well as directly from her students. Mayor Russ Carpenter accompanied owners, Jeff and Chandie Hupman for the presentation of a $1,000.00 check. A mathing amount was also donated to the school and presented to the principal, Karen Smith.

Bryan County News even shared the story.

The Hupman Group runs several contests throughout the year as part of our Investing in Your Community initiative. Look for future opportunities to nominate a local military member in June, a first responder in August, and a deserving family in November.