Imbedded with History

Renowned for its Might Eighth Air Force Museum, Pooler is a wonderful community located west of Savannah and also the site of Lock #3 of the Ogeechee/Savannah Canal System dating back to the pre-Civil War era. The local Tom Triplett Community Park offers a plethora of outdoor activities and is perfect if you’re an outdoorsy family. You can bike, jog, or stroll on the lighted and paved path around the lake. Pooler is also home to one of the biggest disc golf courses in the region. You also have the opportunity of kayaking peacefully through the winding, deep, long, and clean lake in the community park. Community activities and festivals are held regularly throughout the year, which makes Pooler a favorite in the local community. The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum tells the stories of incredible patriotism, character, and courage shown by the members of the Eighth Air Force, all the way from WWII.

Pooler's Community

Located in Georgia, Pooler has 2 constituent neighborhoods and a significantly large population that makes it a medium-sized Georgian city. It is Georgia’s 45th biggest community and has experienced a major bump in residential property construction projects in the last few years, thanks to a steady inflow of upper-middle-class residents who are been drawn in by a growing local economy, a healthy job market, and other incredible amenities offered by the city. Pooler’s median household income is estimated at $78,102.

Pooler has a mixed workforce consisting of both white-collar and blue-collar workers and employees. It is home to office and sales workers, managers, and professionals who live here for the active lifestyle offered by the city.

A Wonderful Neighborhood to Call Home

Due to Pooler’s small size, the city doesn’t have a reliable public transit network, making residents dependents on their cars to get around. Most residents in this city are well-educated compared to other towns and cities in the country.

The city is also home to numerous ethnic and racial groups, which has led to a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The predominant population is white, followed by African-American residents. Pooler also has many residents of Scottish, Italian, English, Irish, and German heritage.

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