Man paddle boarding near Savannah, GA

When visiting Georgia, a paddleboard tour or kayak tour is a great way to take in the wildlife and the natural surroundings of the area. Instead of a boat tour, you can go paddling which is a great alternative activity. This will allow you to go deeper within the marshes as compared to a boat. There is a high chance that you will see the local sea life and birds as well.

You can find several kayak tours, in addition to other paddle tours, near Savannah. They have ones that are available for first-timers and also ones geared towards more experienced individuals. There are shorter trips to the creeks around the Tybee Island and longer trips to Ossabaw or Wassaw Islands. You can also relax and paddle through the massive trees of the blackwater swamp.

If you already have paddling experience and enough knowledge when it comes to the local area, then instead of a guided tour, you can rent a paddleboard or kayak and wander on your own. You can get both kayak rentals and paddleboard rentals at Tybee Island.

Our Top Paddleboarding and Kaykaing Places

Tybee Island

Here you can find different easily reachable paddleboarding and kayaking locations. On the northern side, there’s the Savannah River, including the bay, where you can see famous lighthouses, Fort Pulaski, several riverboats, and magnificent dolphins. Towards the south side and the west side, there are small creeks that divide the island from Little Tybee and all of the inland marshes. Moreover, the sheltered creeks and rivers located around Tybee Island have several places that are great for paddleboarding, whether solo or with a guided tour. Many local organizations there also teach paddleboarding lessons.

Moreover, tours to all of these locations are perfect for first-timers, whether it is by paddleboard or by kayak.

Little Tybee Island

This place is a well-known island when it comes to water tours. It is a massive nature reserve located on the south side of Tybee Island. It offers a chance to paddle on the sides that face the ocean and the river, and the part of saltwater creeks that are going between the marshes.

A lot of the paddling tours at this location are suitable for first-timers. This is the ideal place for viewing wildlife while enjoying a new adventure. There are other tours that are much longer and involve spending more time on this lovely island, which also includes exploring the hammocks and the magnificent beach.

There are various paddling tours that are available at Little Tybee Island. Most of them are through kayaking and a couple of them are through paddleboarding.


In the middle of Savannah and the wonderful Tybee Island, there is a bigger area of tidal creeks plus marshes surrounded by the Bull, Wilmington, Skidaway, and the Vernon Rivers. A couple of miles from downtown Savannah, there’s the marshes of Skidaway that offer a lovely, sheltered place for paddle boarding and kayaking. In fact, you can also view Georgia’s Lowcountry wildlife and scenery, such as birds of prey, dolphins, and even manatee – by boat.

Furthermore, this is a sheltered location where you can paddleboard or have fun kayaking, with lots of wildlife to see and marvel at the marsh scenery. However, it can be hard to visit, particularly when you are residing on Tybee Island.