The city of Savannah, rich in greenery stands as one of the breath-taking places in Georgia, full of the hospitality popular in the south.

You can see this in the wonderful restaurants whose menu comprises local and international delights and a number of standard bars with an assortment of students and travelers during the weekends.

Onn the Savannah Riverfront, you’ll find top-notch galleries and museums as well as an abundance of Southern-type architectural structures.

But the city’s allure comes partially from the invaluable natural and historic gems scattered along the coast and nearby regions.

There are many stops to make from Savannah that make it an excellent field trip; from the beaches to the enthralling islands and busy metropolises.

1) Beaufort, SC

Aerial panorama of Beaufort, South Carolina taken during the golden hour.
Aerial panorama of Beaufort, South Carolina taken during the golden hour.

Beaufort is the second oldest town to exist in South Carolina. Its vast history and culture make it a gorgeous and exciting place to visit outside of Savannah.

We recommend that you hire a professional tour guide to show you around town for a few hours. You’ll get to see the large historical houses while hearing all kinds of fascinating stories about them.

Beaufort is a breathtaking waterfront town. As soon as you enter the town, you’ll be surrounded by a series of oak trees with moss hanging down from them. You’ll also get to witness the water flowing through the creek around the town too.

The town offers so many fun and eventful activities for you to participate in, such as sports fishing, horseback riding, sailing, swimming, and more. If you plan your trip to Beaufort ahead of time, you can arrive when these activities are actively available to the public.

Did you know that several Hollywood movies were filmed in Beaufort? Some of these include The Great Santini, The Big Chill, The Prince of Tides, and Forrest Gump. When you sign up to go on the Beaufort City Tour, you’ll get to see some of the famous sites from your favorite movies. Along the way, you’ll learn about the historical landmarks of the town and their significance to the local people.

Several local adventure tour guides operate in the area. Choose whichever one offers the best package for your budget and interests.

2) Francis Marion National Forest

Path way in an early spring at Francis Marion National Forest .
Path way in an early spring at Francis Marion National Forest .

Francis Marion National Forest gets its name from a hero of the American Revolutionary War. It happens to share a coastline with Savannah, so it is not a far drive to get there from the city.

The forest features the best physical elements that nature has to offer. You’ll see picturesque mountains, waterfalls, and waterways that will keep your eyes occupied for hours.

Do you like outdoor exercise and adventure? The forest gives you plenty of opportunities to try out hiking and mountain biking on the trails or whitewater rafting on the Chattooga River.

If you’d like to do a more laid-back activity, you can always hunt, fish, bird watch, camp, or relax in one of the many picnic areas. There will always be something for you to do while you’re there.

3) Georgetown, SC

Entrance to a historic home in Georgetown, SC
Entrance to a historic home in Georgetown, SC

Georgetown is a historic waterfront community and the oldest city in South Carolina. It was founded in 1729, a time when the United States was still a series of colonies. Georgetown eventually became a major producer of rice for the rest of the country.

Several former slave plantations still exist in the community. Two of them are tourist attractions for visitors, including the Hampton Plantation and Hopsewee Plantation. The other plantations were converted into inns.

How would you like to see the home where Franken Roosevelt and Winston Churchill once stayed? It is a private home called the Hobcaw Barony, later converted into a nature preserve to protect the local wildlife.

The Rice Museum can give you plenty of information about how rice was a significant crop in Georgetown. If you’re interested in learning about how life used to be in the city for ordinary citizens, you should check out the Gullah Museum and the Kaminski House Museum.

As you travel to downtown Georgetown’s historical section, you’ll see streets with oak trees lined up around them. Once you’re down with the historic tours, try out the ghost tours for a scary good time. Other fun activities include waterfront shopping, fishing, dining, and boating.

4. Golden Isles

Georgia Coastline during the summer
Georgia Coastline during the summer

Located in southern Georgia and stretching all the way to the Atlantic are the barrier islands. They form a coastline about 150 miles long and this is made up of enclosed sandy beaches as well as antiquated but eye-catching forests.

Of all these islands, the Jekyll, St Simons, and Sea islands are the most popular and most accessible.

Access is by car for all three and provide a relaxing but charming view while driving down the coast. The leading roads are dotted with perfect rest points at rivers and creeks not forgetting the numerous beaches.

Amongst all, one spot that stands out is Driftwood beach. The name was inspired by the fascinating driftwood arrangements there.

5. Hilton Head Island

view of hilton head island with beach path, and hotels in background
View of Hilton Head Island with beach path, and hotels in background

A two-minute drive from Savannah will have you crossing the border into South Carolina and entering the Hilton Head Island which is abuzz with activity and rich in amenities.

If you’re craving a day of relaxation and fun, this is your winning trip. The busiest summer to-do list will get done on this island with the host of never-ending recreational spots spanning world-standard golf courses to energy-consuming water sports and top-tier restaurants.

Tourists and locals alike often find their way to Coligny beach. There, bikes can be rented, a game of volleyball calls out and a variety of relaxation spots are available in any of the bars lining the beach. On this beautiful island, every moment is a memorable memory waiting to be made from dawn to dusk.

6. Tybee Island

Rainbow beach chairs on Tybee Island
Rainbow beach chairs on Tybee Island

This island is the go-to getaway from the Savannah summer or the locals. It has long beaches that stretch for miles, nice bars, and amazing seafood.

Keep in mind that it may be a bit crowded but don’t let it stop your plans for the trip. Tybee is enchanting in its own way and nobody hates it when they visit.

Furthermore, it is accessible by road from mainland Georgia and there aren’t many that are. The different views of the Savannah river left of the road and the large salt marsh to the right on the drive down is captivating. It is only beaten by the return drive home, especially if it’s at sunset.

7. Bluffton

Spanish moss covered trees in Bluffton, SC
Spanish moss covered trees in Bluffton, SC

Found in South Carolina, the embodiment of a flourishing river town and just less than an hour’s drive from Savannah is Bluffton. It’s small, granted. But it’s a force to reckon with in terms of the art galleries, restaurants, and riverside views that it has. Everything from a chicken joint to a fresh-food restaurant can be found there.

Because t is located on the May River and is close to the ocean, some very amazing seafood can be found there. This can be compared to the one found in the well-known FARM restaurant.

This town can boast of great eateries as well as the additional hospitality of the residents and as such, has visitors pouring in from all across the country.

8. Palmetto Bluff

Historic home in Palmetto Bluff
Historic home in Palmetto Bluff

Connected to the May River, the Palmetto Bluff welcomes visitors from anywhere.

Here, you get a perfect mix of countryside beauty and exquisite amenities under pristinely tended trees dotting the streets where you elitist and luxury homes are common.

The Montage Hotel is the visitors’ choice where the day can be spent canvassing the charming grounds and feeding on roasted oysters freshly prepared by the pool most times.

9. Skidaway Island

Skidaway Island State Park
Skidaway Island State Park

Surprisingly just 25 minutes away From Savannah and being the location of the popular Skidaway Island State Park, Skidaway Island is a great getaway destination.

Set on marshlands and salt flats, the peculiar location qualifies it as an enchanting place with lots of wildlife.

The state park is inhabited by many animals like crabs, deer, and waterfowl. They can be quietly observed from the many elevated platforms and trails dotting the entirety of the area.

10. Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge March
Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is an expanse of about 30,000 acres of freshwater marshes, river deltas, woodland, and creeks. It is home to a diverse many bio life. It takes about 10 minutes to get there. You’ll find it intriguing that part of the park which lies in South Carolina was established in 1927 atop what used to be a rice plantation.

Why not head to the visitor center, get a map and have an adventurous trip in a canoe down the waterways or enjoy the eye-catching scenery on the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. You may choose to cycle instead as well. The distance between the town and visitor center can be covered in 10 minutes and it is open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 4:30 pm. There is no fee for admission.

11. Cockspur Island

Old lighthouse at the Cockspur island, Georgia, USA
Old lighthouse at the Cockspur island, Georgia, USA

Some miles away from downtown Savannah, in the southern channel of the Savannah River is Cockspur Island.

This place has a rich civil war history and is where Fort Pulaski is located. The fort is a national monument, one of the fortifications that were built to ward off military forces at the time of the civil war. As you canvass the drawbridges and galleries, the fort may give you faux-time travel.

The fort is still in existence, surrounded by marsh grass and beautiful views of the mainland, and would be a great place to explore.
You may find shells deep in the walls since the 1800s.

12. Isle of Hope

Savannah, Georgia, USA oak tree lined road in Isle of Hope
Savannah, Georgia, USA oak tree lined road in Isle of Hope

This is another place that is interestingly close to downtown Savannah. It is merely 10 miles away and is the ancient community of Isle of Hope.
The community is countrylike with its streets dotted with cottages and luxury homes.

Along the Wilmington River on Bluff Drive, you’ll see breath-taking views while strolling underneath huge moss-hung live oaks.

In the marina, you’ll find an assortment of delicious seafood restaurants.
For locals, it’s delightful to watch the sunset while eating here. Since you’re not far from Savannah, you have the luxury of staying out late.

13. Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown city skyline.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown city skyline.

If you’re in search of some fun with a mix of the southern vibe and hospitality, the first place to visit would be Atlanta.

You can find everything in the metropolis, from an array of mouthwatering delights to one of the most diverse art scenes the southeast has to offer.

It would be difficult to find a reason not to love the beautiful Atlanta, having music of every kind or everyone.

However, make sure you get on the road early enough as the journey can last more than 3 hours.

14. Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, USA view of the French Quarter.
Charleston, South Carolina, USA view of the French Quarter.

The enchanting town of Charleston is northeast of the coast of Savannah.
With a rich positive history, the town boasts of architecture built in colonial times, especially some churches like the beautiful Huguenot Church.

Feast your eyes with scenic views of the picturesque fountains as you walk through the Waterfront Park or stroll down Rainbow Row. A hot day is surely a good day to take a dip in the cool water.

If you wish to rest a bit, visit the surf spots at Folly Beach or the old bars. Other fun places to visit in Charleston are the Gibbes Museum, Magnolia Plantation, and Patriots Points.

15. Jacksonville

City skyline in Jacksonville, Florida
City skyline in Jacksonville, Florida

Drive down to Jacksonville, Florida to see some of the enchanting beaches on the east coast. It takes about two hours to begin your eyes are graced with scenes of palm trees and white sand. Jacksonville is located 25 miles south of Georgia, two hours away from Savannah. There are various museums, lush gardens, and nature trails for those visiting.

Even though it has the country’s longest coastline, you can engage in other activities than going to the beach.

The city offers an abundance of assorted restaurants; delicious barbecue spots, exquisite restaurants, and as many bars as can convince you to party all night.

16. Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge

Tall grass on beach at the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge
Tall grass on beach at the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge

The Wassaw National Refuge can be accessed by boat only, unlike other Golden isles nearby.

But this serves to increase the charm of nature in its wild form, despite the low level of development around the island.

If you take a hike, you’ll see sandy beaches with dunes stretching out for miles and trails of wildlife as well. This is characterized by diverse birds and an array of fauna and flora pleasing to the eye.