Suburban Subdivision

One of the most beautiful suburban subdivision of Mainstreet is in Bryan County. You’ll find a lot of spacious greenery in addition to several modern structures.

If you want to access local schools, shops, and stores, they are conveniently situated so that you can walk to them from the subdivision. All the recreational locations in the subdivision are maintained well, and right in the middle of the historic oaks and popular salt marsh flats that surround Richmond Hill.


If you’re interested in taking walks or jogs during the day, you can enjoy a two-and-a-half-mile path for this purpose. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape around you.

Mainstreet is positioned in the center of Richmond Hill. The residential real estate of this subdivision is ideal for families wishing to move to a quiet and peaceful setting. You’ll almost forget that you’re positioned in the heart of a busy city like Richmond Hill.

New Developments

There are several newly built housing units and existing resale units throughout Mainstreet. These units include single-family homes and huge bungalows that sit on land that goes up to 263 acres.

In addition, the “Summer Hill at Mainstreet” cottage community features stylish houses, car garages, and open lawns of many different sizes. The lawns range between 1,552 sq.ft. and more than 1,900 sq.ft.

These cottages are like historic residential compounds with a modernized twist.


When you live on Mainstreet, you’re only a few blocks away from everything you need, such as parks, playgrounds, stores, restaurants, sports facilities, recreational locations, churches, and places of worship, and schools. In fact, the school district of Richmond Hill is outstanding.

The commercial hub is expanding all the time, and you have easy routes to access the larger metro areas of Savannah. As a result, the subdivision is the ideal place for families to live in and move to.

Lots of Residentail Facilities

There are a lot of enjoyable facilities within this residential subdivision.

Many of the residents there love to use the pool facility because it features an adult swimming pool, child wading pool, and a uniquely customized swimming pool which has a spray umbrella.

On each side of the estate, there are two community playgrounds. If you want to perform outdoor activities or a family picnic, you can go next to the serenity fountain of the park for that.


Mainstreet is different than many of the other private residential subdivisions of Richmond Hill because of the homeowner’s association and the residents who live there.

They instill a family-oriented atmosphere in the subdivision where all residents feel like they’re part of the same family.

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