Father and son flying a kite in JF Gregory Park Richmond Hill, GA
Flying a kite in the park

This park is perfect for several activities including hiking, fishing, meetings, strolling, birding, canoeing, sports, and picnics. The park happens to be great for runners with a beautiful nature trail spanning 3 miles and a huge 10-acre lake.

The attractions in the area include 2 restored homes from the Henry Ford era, a birding tower, a walking trail, and a lake, along with a wide variety of wildlife.

The J.F. Gregory Park spans 335 acres and is a multi-use recreational area, which was once a major rice plantation. It was later bought by illustrious automobile tycoon Henry Ford.

The park’s development began in 1998 and was named after Ford’s plantation foreman. The Veteran’s Monument has been built inside the plantation in honor of all American soldiers who fought to defend their nation. Every granite slab stands for each war that has been fought by the US over the last century.

JF Gregory Park Richmond Hill, GA marsh

Apart from the nature trail, the park also has a covered pavilion, a ten-acre lake, a restored house owned by Henry Ford, a birding tower, and the Wetland Education Center. The facility happens to be located towards the back of the park and offers a rich educational and interactive experience along with details regarding wetland ecosystems.

The Wetland Education Center houses 16 tables along with 140 chairs, a furnished kitchen, a commercial ice-cream machine, and wireless internet services. Additionally, you’re also allowed to canoe, picnic, fish, and play other sports here. The trail has several fitness stations along the way as well.

The Richmond Hill community is proud of this incredible park with several different groups responsible for its construction and subsequent maintenance.

Private donors, city planners, the historical society, and the local garden club came together to construct the Wetlands Center, pavilion, birdwatching tower, the trails, and to refurbish the house and develop the historic landscaping. A monument to American veterans and a bridge have been successfully constructed as well.

The J.F Gregory Park Trail happens to fall under the Coastal Georgia Greenway. The latter connects the Woodbine Riverwalk (Georgia Coast Rail-Trail) and the White Oak (Georgia Coast Rail-Trail).