Close-up of male golf player with hat teeing-off at beautiful golf course.
Close-up of golf player with hat teeing-off at beautiful golf course.

Richmond Hill is a prime residential area around 18 miles down from Savannah, Georgia. It’s a stunning piece of Southern paradise spanning 1800 acres along the banks of the Ogeechee River, which blends posh and private residential properties with history, nature, and sports like fishing, golf, and other equestrian pursuits.

Richmond Hill’s Ford Plantation used to serve as the winter home of the American automobile industry titan Henry Ford. It is now ranked among the top private sporting clubs and premier residential communities in the country today.

With an Equestrian Center, an 18-hole golf course designed by Pete Dye, and a full-service marina providing access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this intimate and remarkable development is coveted by several home buyers, families, and retirees in pursuit of a high-quality atmosphere and ambiance. The Ford House is over 6000 square feet with existing building standards limiting the owner’s primary dwelling from breaching this limit. As a result, the Ford Plantation enjoys a ‘family compound’ vibe.

The primary residence happens to be surrounded by several structures, including a guest house that promotes warmth, not unbridled excess. Complete with rice fields, natural and manmade water bodies, stately grounds, majestic trees, and historic structures, there’s contagious energy around the entire community, which could be termed as ‘pure’ or ‘authentic’. There aren’t any showy trappings or theme park recreations anywhere in the area.

Volunteers and staff members look after a beautiful organic garden whose produce is used by the prodigious chef on the property. There are several well-patronized community celebrations held here regularly. Classes, speakers, and field trips for lifelong learners; sporting activities and tournaments are plentiful here.

The staff list includes yoga, fitness, tennis, golf, and equestrian teachers along with 2 outdoor specialists and a naturalist. There’s a top-notch spa in place that offers enlightened and corporal energy treatments and a ‘laying on of hands’ technique that is supposed to harmonize the spirit, mind, and body. Residents treat staff members like their family. The staff members are grateful for the opportunities to develop themselves and the appreciation they receive. Children have ample opportunities to play and learn more from nature. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that The Ford Plantation has given a new lease of life to both the residents and the staff members.

The Ford Plantation Residential Area

Man enjoys fishing from kayak on a beautiful day at dusk.
Man enjoys fishing from kayak on a beautiful day at dusk.

Richmond Hill’s Ford Plantation Residential Area is located in Bryan County and is around 11 miles down from Savannah, Georgia. It’s a little town with approximately 26000 residents with its town center located at the crossroads of Highways 144 and 17. Like every small town in the South, it moves at a slow pace and is home to friendly people. There are several interesting boutiques like Paw Parazzi, Ella’s, and Stella Rose. There’s a supermarket center near the Ford Plantation’s entrance that offers a diverse range of tasty fast-food offerings. Members can purchase fresh produce, wine, free-range chicken, steaks, seafood, and other food items from the Ford Market.

Nature and homes are in perfect balance in this town with the people having a refined and polished approach towards life. With lakeside dining, book studies, group discussions, lawn parties, and oyster roasts happening all the time, the community has a healthy respect for their land’s incredible heritage, which drove them to complete the restoration of the Main House in The Ford Plantation. The Marina even has a set of concrete steps with Clara and Henry Ford’s grandchildren’s footprints.

Richmond Hill happens to be quite easily accessible as well. The southern part has the I-95 running through it and the Interstate 16 to Atlanta is located near the county’s northern part as well. It hardly takes 30 minutes for people to reach Richmond Hill from the Port of Savannah, Georgia, or the Savannah-Hilton Head Island International Airport. Fort Stewart, which houses the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), occupies around 33% of the land in Bryan County. While the county’s northern side is somewhat rural, the southern side is home to Richmond Hill’s Ford Plantation and has numerous residential subdivisions housing a substantial population.