Historic District

A Guide to the Historic District of Savannah

Savannah’s Historic District happens to be located right at the center of the city and is resplendent with oak-shaded parks, cobblestone streets, and manicured gardens. It’s the perfect vacation spot in Georgia regardless of what age group you’re in – there’s plenty of gourmet restaurants, outdoor cafes, live theatre, concerts, festivals, culture, art, and Southern hospitality that make it unique and one of a kind. Savannah is the biggest National Historic Landmark District within the US and is home to over 20 city squares that are full of famous monuments, mansions, churches, museums, and forts hailing from the Civil War and Revolutionary periods.

Heart of Southern Hospitality

The high-quality motels, hotels, and inns in the Historic District are great for couples seeking a romantic weekend and families on their annual vacation. From historic inns to name-brand hotels, accommodations in Savannah are unified in their unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and Southern hospitality, which ensures that your stay here becomes a cherished memory.

The Trolley

The trolley system in the Historic District allows visitors to explore numerous locations and landmarks with ease, thanks to its hop-on, hop-off system. It’s great for visitors looking to sightsee as much as possible in a limited timeframe.

The trolley covers fifteen stops. You can disembark whenever you feel like spending more time at a location. Return after you’re satisfied and there will be another trolley waiting for you! The trolleys run through each location once every 15 – 30 minutes to prevent tourists from having to face unnecessary difficulties.

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