A Guide to the Historic District of Savannah

Created by the developers of Savannah in the early 1900s, Gordonston is a subdivision that offers a suburban alternative to the city’s central areas. It was the city’s first bedroom community, being established in 1917.

WW Gordon III and his sister Juliette Gordon Low (who went on to establish the Girl Scouts) worked with their family members to convert a family farm that spanned 80 acres into the second planned city subdivision in Savannah (the first one was Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent). This happened to be a trolley suburb located on the Thunderbolt streetcar line, which made commuting to Downtown Savannah an easy experience.

Gordonston Today

The focal point of the neighborhood is Pierpont Circle, which has broad avenues and has a community park spanning 6 acres, which was donated by Juliette Gordon Low in 1926 to provide a place for the children residing in the neighborhood.

Gordonston has an enthusiastic neighborhood association that was established over 60 years ago. It also has a lush canopy and a great streetscape making it one of the most beautiful communities in Savannah. It often hosts numerous oyster roasts, art sales, holiday events, and many more. It’s a great place for new families to raise their children. The ‘Itty Bitty Baby Club’ organizes babysitting exchanges and meets for local parents. Dog owners also gather in the afternoons at the park to let their dogs interact and play with other dogs. The park is also a regular meeting spot for the Girl Scouts.

What Home Styles Are Prevalent in Gordonston?

The architectural styles in Gordonston hark back to the 1910-50 era. The styles widely prevalent here are as follows: the Kinzie and Gordonston Avenues are home to numerous craftsman-style bungalows, which were constructed during 1910-20. There are huge Colonial Revival-style houses that were constructed during the next 10 years. There are over fifty ranch style-homes with garages or carports, which were made during the late 40s and the early 50s.

Gordonston is geographically close to other important areas in Savannah. The Beach and the Islands can be reached via the President Street Extension. The Truman Parkway offers a quick route to the Southside. A few minutes is all it takes to reach Downtown as well. The Skidaway/Victory Corridor happens to be located close by as well, hosting several dining restaurants and retail stores, from Starbucks and Victory Cinemas to Home Depot and Target. There are multiple casual dining and fast-food ventures here are well. The Chipotle Grill, Whole Foods Market, and PetSmart complex are located nearby as well.

This stunning neighborhood is home to over 200 families who all share a sense of camaraderie and closeness. There’s a priceless old-fashioned sense of unity throughout the neighborhood that makes it an excellent place to grow up and grow old in, which is reflected by its low home sales turnover. Gordonston’s outstanding houses, lovely parks, genteel lifestyle, and tranquil community are a hidden treasure that’s remarkably unknown to the outside world.

This neighborhood is great for buyers looking for a tight-knit neighborhood community in a gorgeous setting.

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