Ford Plantation

Ford Plantation

Costal Living at its Finest

Do you prefer to live on the coast because of its warmer weather and close access to the ocean? If so, then you should visit The Ford Plantation! Located on the Ogeechee River’s banks, it has a relaxed atmosphere to it. Which is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the hectic, fast-paced world for a while.


You’ll find several acres of government-protected wetlands with plenty of wildlife on it.

What is truly serene are the oak trees, which are over one hundred years old. Providing plenty of shade and a beautiful sight to see. The local community has oyster roasts regularly, so hopefully, you don’t mind feasting on some delicious oysters.

People love coastal living because of its close proximity to the ocean and its warmer weather throughout the year.

At the Ford Plantation, the winters only last between December and February. You can expect the highest daytime temperatures during the winter to be in the low 60s and the lowest overnight temperatures to be in the low 40s. For the rest of the year, it’ll feel like summer outside.

Offers an Active Lifestyle

The Atlantic Ocean is only 20 miles away from the Ford Plantation. It features a private marina which gives members easy access to a lot of opportunities for offshore fishing and inshore fishing.

If you want to arrange to go on a guided fishing trip, this can easily be done by going to Ogeechee Outfitters and speaking with one of the staff guides. Ogeechee Outfitters can also offer you supplies for all your boating and fishing needs. They even sell popular brands of outdoor apparel.


Members love to sit on their front porches, walk on the paths, attend social events, and ride on their horses.

The community has a variety of different events, from local oyster roasts to luxurious formal events. You’ll find several activities to participate in over the course of the year at The Ford Plantation.

Become Part of the Community

You don’t need to stay in The Ford Plantation to enjoy a lot of entertainment and cultural activities. If you travel 20 miles to the north of The Ford Plantation, you can find Savannah, Georgia. This city is known as being one of the most romantic cities in the United States.

Many polls have Savannah ranked the most beautiful city in the south as well. Its historic architecture is now merged with a series of boutiques, art galleries, and microbreweries in downtown. This is followed by highly innovative attractions, restaurants, and exciting nightlife.


Seventeen miles to the east of the city, you’ll find Tybee Island. This is basically Savannah’s beach, as it is positioned at the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets with the Savannah River. Tybee Island has warm waters and large white sandy beaches. Everyone loves these beaches, regardless of age.


Overall, The Ford Plantation gives you amazing weather, easy access to warm ocean water, and a chance to live near a historic city with plenty of activities to do there.

Now that is coastal living!

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