Fall leaves in Savannah GA

Once the beautiful fall weather arrives, Savannah turns into the ultimate tourist destination that’s brimming with remarkable outdoor experiences, low crowds, and lovely mild temperatures. Weather like this calls for great outdoor adventures consisting of strolls in the late afternoons or searching for spooky ghosts in the evening. So are you ready to visit Savannah during the fall? Here’s what you will discover.

1. Halloween Fun

Savannah is known as a city filled with all sorts of spooky stories and haunted history, according to the local lore. Get together with experts and try out your luck while hunting ghosts. Visit the most haunted sights of the city as you listen to different supernatural stories from the locals. In fact, during your trip, you can live inside a haunted hotel or house!

2. Delve Into The Delicious Food

You get to experience the fun of food festivals that are held in Savannah from fall until the spring season. The chillier months are a great time to try out the seafood in the area, where a lot of the major annual festivals in the region are focused on local oysters, shrimps, and other related seafood catches.

In addition to great seafood, you can enjoy much other food and drink events that take place during November in Savannah. These consist of heritage-based food festivals, craft, and local beer festivals, and numerous other celebrations of music, culture, and regional cuisine.

3. Enjoy The Sights As You Wander Around The City

Savannah consists of beautiful sights you can visit, like the Victorian District that houses beautiful homes you can imagine yourself living in, or you can take in the calm atmosphere of Forsyth Park where you can sit under the shade of a live oak. Furthermore, for the entire year, you can enjoy the delights of the Farmers Market that’s set up at Forsyth Park or delve into the fun of live entertainment. If you are looking for something more eclectic, you can visit the Starland District, where you will find art galleries, stores, and delicious places to get a bite to eat. There’s also the Historic District where you can marvel at the monuments, all the squares, and mansions.

4. River Street

Taking a stroll down River Street needs to be on your list because there is nothing like it! The scenery itself is marvelous to look at. The boats waiting in the docks as you can see the Talmadge Memorial Bridge within the background. The historic-looking old buildings are located at the edge of Bay Street. You can have all the candy you want. The candy makers are busy twisting and rolling saltwater taffy, and would kindly let you have a sample. You can fill up your bag with all sorts of sweet treats.

5. Travel Into The Past

Right within the outskirts of Savannah, you will find two historic forts from wartime. Fort Pulaski, which was the Confederate base throughout the Civil War, plus Old Fort Jackson which is now known as the National Historic Landmark located on the riverfront of Savannah. Stay there long enough and maybe you can watch a cannon fire.

6. Bird Watching

When it comes to bird watching, fall is the best time of the year. This is when the annual southerly migrations of the songbirds, birds of prey, and waterfowl fly down the coast of Georgia. These migrations start from August and last until the end of September and early October. Also, there are numerous sites you can find along the Colonial Coast Birding Trail that provide great opportunities to spot the low country’s seasonal birdlife.