Dutch Island

Dutch Island

A Inter-Coastal Waterway Neighborhood

Located in Savannah’s Inter-Coastal Waterways, Dutch Island is a private community housing over 480 family homes that have been designed for families with a taste for fine living. The community occupies around 500 acres of land and is surrounded by the Inter-Coastal Waterways, which include Grimbal Creek, Wilmington River, Herb River, and Skidaway River along with saltwater marsh. It also has multiple tennis courts, a swimming pool, a deep-water dock, 10 ponds and lagoons, and a paved road extending 8.83 miles. 9 volunteers are on the Board of Directors, which is responsible for managing Dutch Island and elected by the members of the Association (fellow homeowners residing on Dutch Island).

There are over 500 traditional houses in the neighborhood, which all boast of incredible views of the saltwater lagoons and marshland encased by winding creeks and trees. Dutch Island also offers amazing amenities, including impressive playgrounds, docks, piers, boat ramps, swimming pools, and volleyball courts, which have all made the neighborhood highly attractive to prospective homebuyers.

Homebuyers who prefer active outdoor lifestyles should definitely look into Dutch Island, which has some of Savannah’s best residential real estate listings right now, thanks to the scenic views available to those residing here. Reach out to us if you’re interested in houses for sale on Dutch Island.


Dutch Island is full of incredible facilities and amenities that make it a paradise for homeowners!

Swimming Pool

Only the residents of Dutch Island and their visitor/guests are permitted to access the Dutch Island Homeowners Swimming Pool & other recreational amenities offered near the pool, such as the ‘fire pit’ and beach volleyball. These amenities cannot be leased or rented out to others, thus providing a safe and satisfactory environment for residents and other permitted users.

Certified lifeguards take care of the pool during the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The pool is open on Mon-Fri between 10:00 – 20:00 and from 10:00 – 21:00 on public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays. All resident parties held outside and within regular hours are mandatorily required to have a certified lifeguard in charge of pool safety. Outside of regular hours, both the fire pit and the volleyball court will require a certified lifeguard’s presence for safety purposes. Certain pool rules may be modified or added to ensure the safety of the individuals using the pool.

The swimming area also offers the following amenities:

Pier, Dock, and Boat Ramp

Tennis courts

Fire Pit

Beach Volleyball Court

A Bit of History and Facts

The Dutch Island Development committee had originally built a boat ramp to help resident boat owners. A pier and walkway were built later on for residents who were interested in sightseeing and fishing. The dock, pier, and ramp allowed for over 8 boats with sizes ranging between 17 – 20 feet to load/unload simultaneously. While the original plans did not allow boats to utilize the dock for overnight docking purposes, the Association carried out a third expansion that allowed 20 – 25 boats to load/unload simultaneously while also increasing the floating dock length to 225 feet/450 linear feet.

Dutch Island has a population count of around 1013 residents and is located in Chatham County. People in Dutch Island own their houses and are generally conservative. The area has a rural and rustic vibe to it, which attracts many homebuyers who are looking to raise their children away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dutch Island homes have a Southern charm to them, which is evident from their design and overall layout. The prices are generally between $300K – $1MM. The size of the homes ranges between 2000 – 5500 sqft, with most of them having 5 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms. Most Dutch Island homes also have private docks and pools, which is great for boat-owning homebuyers. No matter where you come from, Dutch Island will make you feel right at home!

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