Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park

History of Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park was created in 1910 and was the first suburb established in Savannah. It features many modest bungalows and stately homes all built around small parks and squares. Walks and interactions with neighbors in the mornings and the evenings are always a bright affair, thanks to the well-designed sidewalks in this area. Our expert Savannah realtors will show you around to many Savannah Georgia homes for purchase in the Ardsley Park neighborhood, which is prime Savannah Georgia real estate.

Ardsley Park city plan was a 20th century version of Oglethorpe’s initial city plan, being a regular grid featuring landscaped squares. Chatham Crescent happens to be a rare Georgian example of a ‘City Beautiful’, Beaux-Arts plan, featuring circular parks, a grand shopping mall, and crescent-shaped unique avenues, which have all been placed on a grid pattern. Adjacent to this is the Ardmore and Chatham Terrace, which was built as a related subdivision with common characteristics and developmental history.

This district’s architectural styles include local and textbook interpretations for most eclectic and revival styles that were in use during the 1800s. These are all predominantly one- or two-story buildings with many of them having free-standing vehicle garages as well.

With over 5000 trees in this area, it complements the amazing qualities of houses in Ardsley Park and provides a brilliant canopy for streets. Ardsley Park houses come in different styles and sizes, ranging from rustic bungalows to large mansions. Most Ardsley Park houses available here for sale have Spanish Mediterranean, Tudor, and Colonial architecture, overlooking small squares and parks. Give us a call today to learn more about Ardsley Park listings.


Situated between Columbus Drive and Victory Drive, the Ardsley Park happens to be extremely popular among young professionals and families due to its closeness to Savannah’s Southside areas and the Historic District. Ardsley Park also happens to be a highly convenient place to stay due to the number of local businesses situated right here.

Dining and Shopping

Things to Do and Places to See

There are numerous dining and shopping opportunities throughout Ardsley Park, which also houses expansive parks. The 5 Spot Neighborhood Kitchen and Bar happens to be a casual, hip restaurant offering the residents a great place for a quick drink or meal. Bella’s Italian Café, which is a local restaurant offering mouthwatering homemade Italian dishes is also located nearby.

Apart from the numerous squares and small parks dotting the landscape here, the Daffin Park located nearby is a sprawling 77 acres public park, which includes a picnic area, walking trails, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and a swimming pool. Ardsley has numerous beautiful attractions and scenic spots located nearby, which is why local Savannahians are so proud to call this place home.

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