Savannah is well-known for its haunted places in the city of America. Enter an old cemetery or a historic building, and you can feel the presence of a paranormal creature around you. If you love to catch ghosts or are just fond of ghost stories, you must visit Savannah spots and experience the real paranormal activity around you.

SAVANNAH, GA Tourists enjoy a ghost tour in the city streets at night.
SAVANNAH, GA Tourists enjoy a ghost tour in the city streets at night.

We have listed 6 Most Haunted Place for your convenience, Happy Reading!

Hamilton-Turner Inn

This place is one of the most haunted-stunning buildings in savannah, located just beside Lafayette Square. It is considered one of the most luxurious hotels that capture the elegance of the Old South Culture. It was once a private home mapped out by a French Empire, so it possesses intricately designed interiors and French-style architecture. It has incorporated Savannah’s rich, low country character and culture since 1873.

This inn came to attention by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The ghostly activities inside the hotel include the sounds of billiard balls rolling on the floor and children laughing. Also, many people have witnessed a strange man sitting on the roof smoking cigar.

The Marshall House

This hotel has been transformed into a hospital three times since 1851. Firstly, for the Yellow fever epidemic and the second time for the Union soldiers. The visitors have experienced certain paranormal activities such as hearing the sounds of footsteps walking and running, seeing ghosts and taps turning on and off automatically.

The House transforming into the hospital during wars and epidemics has made it conducive to the ghostly stories. Take a local ghost tour, and you will get to hear plenty of horror stories. With such stories flourishing, this hotel is featured on many local and international travel channel horror programs. The people have embraced the ghostly reputation the hotel has achieved. They now enjoy the fun that it brings. If you ever decide to visit Savannah, we welcome you to come to the Marshall’s and enjoy the ghostly stay.

Savannah GA street at night

17 Hundred 90

The 17 Hundred 90 inn is famous for the ghost of a cook, a servant boy, and a grieving woman who haunt and scare the diners and the visitors. If you go dining at the restaurant, you will hear the voice of a cook banging on pots, witness a little servant boy, and if lucky, you might also see Anna. She is one of the most renowned ghost-girl in Savannah who is still waiting for her lost lover to return.

After the independence and American Revolution, in 1790, the first mayor and city council were elected, and the formation of the City Government took place. Previously, Savannah used to be a small village with sandy streets, frame buildings, wagons and horses, and simple and happy life. The 17 hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn celebrates this ancient heritage by being one of the oldest Savannah inns that offers comfortable lodging and fine dining.

The Pirates’ House

The Pirates’ House is still considered Savannah’s one of the most widely known restaurants. It was built in 1753 and used to be a rest stop and salon for international tourists and became a meeting spot for many sailors and pirates. It is located at one of the most ideal and historical places in Georgia. However, it is still haunted by its dark past. Several people were brutally abducted and punished to serve on the sea.

Visitors still come down to this place to enjoy delicious food, drinks, and some ghostly presences.

Kehoe House

It is said that the Kehoe Family had ten children, among which two died in the home. Although this rumor is unconfirmed, visitors said that they have often seen ghost children during their stay in this home. Also, before becoming a house, it used to be a funeral home.

It was first built in 1892 by a successful iron foundry owner, William Kehoe. It was built in the Queen Anne Revival style, and its exteriors are made with cast iron to pay tribute to the iron foundry. It is also the most photographed building in Savannah and is treasured to be one of the most historic buildings. The Kehoe house is also rated as Savannah’s number 1 hotel on Trip Advisor.

Moon River Brewing

This beerhouse is among Savannah’s most haunted places. Several visitors have reported that they have seen a lady in a white dress on the staircase’s top. The guests have also witnessed ghosts throwing bottles and playing tricks on staff members. However, the people do not have to worry as long as they stay away from the stairs and the basement. They are among the two most paranormally active places in the beerhouse.

Many tv channels have short episodes at this place, which is another reason for its popularity. These paranormal incidents are reported by the staff and the patrons for over ten years now. The sources of these incidents are reliable. This place is among one of the most famous places to go if you visit Savannah.