Historic Forsyth Park Fountain Savannah Georgia US
Detail of Forsyth Park Fountain famous landmark at night in Historic District of City of Savannah, Georgia, USA

Are you someone who wants to know more about Savannah? Do you want to explore the place a bit through factual information? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down for more.

Savannah is full of coastal landscapes. It is a city that is known for its pretty architecture and historical significance. One lesser-known fact about Savannah is the shoot of the famous Forest Gump scene. Many people do not know about it. Well, now you know.

Here is a list of fun facts about Savannah that you might have never heard of before:

Cocktails To-Go

If you are someone who likes to enjoy a drink on the go, then Savannah is the place to be for you. Yes, you read correctly. You do not have to finish your drink at the bar when you are in Savannah. You can easily ask for the go-to cup and enjoy your cocktail being in the boundaries of West Boundary Street, East Broad Street, and Jones Street.

A Christmas Present to President Lincoln

Most people do not know this but, the city of Savannah was a Christmas gift to President Lincoln during the Civil War. Atlanta was burned down during the Civil War by the then Union General Sherman. When he arrived in Savannah, he was mesmerized by the beauty of this city so much that he did not do anything to the place. He liked the place so much that he sent a telegraph to President Lincoln, stating that he wanted to give the city a Christmas gift to him.

The Spanish Moss is Not What it Looks Like

The Spanish moss beautifully drapes the city’s oaks. Some people do not know this but, Spanish moss is a misnomer. It means that it is not moss in the actual sense. There is also a lot of talk around stating how the parasitic plants kill the lush trees in Savannah. It is also not true. The Spanish moss is related to the pineapple.

General Hunter’s First Emancipation Proclamation

Many people do not know this but, Union General David Hunter played an active part during the civil war. He was closely associated with the slaves of Fort Pulaski and other such units in Florida and South Carolina. He was kind-hearted towards the ex-slaves. On 9 May 1862, General Hunter issued the first emancipation proclamation for them. However, President Lincoln revoked it upon finding out about it. As per historical script and text, it was due to the efforts of General Hunter that the Presidential Emancipation Proclamation was issued in 1863, regardless.

O’Connor Taught a Chicken to Walk Backward

Most people know that Flannery O’Connor, a well-known American novelist was from Savannah. When she was young, she used to help her family in raising chickens. Fun fact: O’Connor taught a chicken to walk backward.

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